The Nordic Committee of Human rights - NKMR - For the protection of Family rights in the Nordic countries


Conscious of the existence of many violations of Families' rights in the Nordic countries, which have been made evident by judgements pronounced against Sweden, Finland and Norway by the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg, the initiative has been taken to constitute a Nordic Committee of Human rights - NKMR - For the protection of Family rights in the Nordic countries. The Committee was composed of private persons and representatives of different organisations from Denmark, Norway and Sweden * ** who held a constitutory meeting on November 30, l996 at Christiansborg, Denmark.

Conscious that the Family is the fundamental element, the corner-stone of society, it is of great importance, in our opinion, that Family in the Scandinavian countries - like all the other countries of the European Union - should enjoy the right to respect and protection, which is guaranteed by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child.

Without security for the right to private and family life, the private individual is likely to find himself denied the right to a normal family life.

NKMR believes that every child is entitled to his origin. There are indestructible family ties between the blood relations, which have to do with identity and the roots.

NKMR will act for the rights of the children, that of the parents and for the rights of the other relatives of the family to each other.

NKMR will act for the respect of the rule of law in face of the occurrence of social interventions into families' lives, so that an alternative to separation between parents and children can be found. In cases where separation is inevitable, the aim is to secure and maintain the respect of the basic rights of the parents and the children involved.

NKMR believes that a separation, which at present is a public, social intervention, in the majority of cases, should be temporary.

NKMR aims to influence public opinion through the public debates and other sources in order to bring about a change of the social environment in the Scandinavian countries so that family responsibility will be maintained and facilitated.


§1 the Committee and its goals

The Nordic Committee of Humans right - NKMR- is an independent international non-governmental organisation, free from political and religious influence.

It will act for: -

* To increase the freedom and the security of the rights of the private persons and their families

* To reinforce the respect for the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Nordic countries based on:

    • The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
    • The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
    • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

NKMR aims to make and submit annual reports where cases suspected of violation of Family rights occur in the Nordic countries to: the United Nations organs for the protection of Human rights; the European Commission for Human rights and to the UN organs for the protection of the rights of the Child

The Committee will also endeavour to make civil servants who abuse the power of their office, or their capacity, to the detriment of the individual's - child or adult - right to protection and respect for private and family life, answerable in Court or a body disciplinary.


§ 2 Organisation

The activities of the Committee are exerted through the following bodies:

* Congress
* Board of directors
* Working Commission
* Foundation
* Divisions

For these bodies particular rules apply.


§3 Membership

The Nordic Committee of human right - NKMR - is an international association of private individuals and organisations who work together to achieve the goals of the Committee.

1 - Adhesion of the organisations.

Local, national or international organisations can apply for membership in the Committee, which then becomes an " umbrella" organisation.

2 - Adhesion of the private individuals, national or international, who are desirous of supporting the objectives of the Committee can, after the decision of the Board of Directors, being accepted as members upon notification of the payment of the annual registration fees.

3 - The annual Registration fees are decided by the Congress.


* Central federation of the Protection of the Families in Finland, PESUE, was not present but delivered a message of interest.


** Vice President of the Central Federation of the Protection of the Families in Finland, Anthropologist Peter Klevius, was elected at the post of second vice-president of the NKMR, the l0 April 1997.



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