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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 16:25:49 +0100



Ruby Harrold-Claesson,

Many thanks for your e-mail message and your article in Smålands-Tidningen concerning the way the social welfare officer cheats the tax payers. First I thank you very much for the work on human rights you are doing to all of us. We are very grateful with all your Committee members. We support you all and we pray for to continue doing that good job which you are doing in a country like Sweden which violates the human rights of people mainly foreigners and at the same time claiming to fight for people's human rights. It is a shame for a country like Sweden. What is happening here could be happening in undeveloped countries not in Sweden.

Going back to the subject of Nybro commune, it is the order of the day that the social people in Sweden have made it a booming business by taking people's children in order to make money. This is slavery and slave trade because they take people by force and make money from them and force them to do what they want. There is no difference with the slave trade which was in Brazil long ago. But I want to assure you that everything which has a beginning has an end. What Sweden is doing now will come out in the open one day and Sweden will pay a big price for what the have been doing for many years. They are now in EU and many countries will come to know what is happening here.

As you know they took my children by force from me. I did nothing to the children and they failed even to open up any criminal case against me but up to day I do not see my children. They are making money from my children and denying my children their right to be with their father. Stella Birungi who was taken when she was just 11 years is not allowed to see me and she has been refused to go and see her mother in Uganda. Why? The answer is money. They will lose money. She is a slave in Sweden. She stays in foster family of drunkards and smokers too. These people are old over 65 years. Now she has asthma and I have asked them to be taken to a doctor to be checked they have refused completely. They want her to become handicapped so that they can get more money. Who can return your child if somebody is getting 10000 SEK or 6500 SEK everyday?. No body can do that. So my children will suffer while I’m still alive. I do not smoke nor drink and I do not take drugs at but I’m not allowed to see my children. What a country! I have the custody of my children but last year they took my child out of Sweden without informing me. I have her Uganda passport but they gave her an aliens passport so that she go with them to another country where she knows no body but me her father I’m not allowed to see her. It is terrible. This is injustice of a high degree. >Her mother is in Uganda but she is not allowed to go and see her mother. You can not believe that all these things are happening in Sweden but they do.

They have even gone ahead and change the address of Stella from my address although the law says that you can not change the address of a child if the person having the custody of the child does not accept. I refused by they went ahead and changed the address so that they can get the housing allowances (bostadsbidrag). The law even puts clear that you can not change the address of a person if that person has a family in Sweden and where he or she is going is staying there temporarily. But they said that Stella will one day come back to her family but her address has been changed by force. The social people are above the law in Sweden. They can do whatever they want on any child or person, I think they can even kill and no body can ask. This is unbelievable but it is true.

I reported the matter to the police in Göteborg to help me stop these people to take my child out of Sweden, the police just told me that nobody can take my child when I have the custody without informing me, that if somebody does it, it is a crime, they did not help me at all. My child has written down that she wants to stay with me at least two weeks in a month, they have refused. They used to say that the child feared me, until when the child wrote down that she does not fear her father. The doctor has written to the social people so that the child should be removed from that bad family, the social people have refused because they share the money.

My lawyer Richard Backenroth who has been defending me said that she has never seen injustice being done to people as it is in my case. He advised me take the case to EU human rights court but he fears to represent me there. His tel. 031-806320, fax 031- 806825, mobile 0708-520605. Please inform me if you know any lawyer who can help me to take the case to the

European Court
. I’m fighting for my child, this innocent poor girl. People find her in town at night alone. There are no human rights in Sweden. They have ruined my child. She used to go to church but she doesn't anymore. She has forgotten her mother language Luganda and she does not know English. What language is she going to speak with her mother in future? Sweden does not want her to return to her people. But why? Money is the answer.

You can ring and ask Inga Lill Andersson why she keeps the child in a foreign country and refuses her to see her parents, this is in human. The phone is 031- 7742792. You can ring and ask Marita Norrbin the social worker why she refuses Stella to see her father. Her tel. no. is 031 - 852891 fax 031- 846133, her boss is Bengt Sahleberg 031- 854301 and you will hear all types of lies. It is funny to see that civil servants are liars. You can even ring to the chairman of Härlanda SDN Lars Hansson tel. 031- 265751, mobile 0705-606285. My child used to come and train Double Football at Rusendal Hall but Marita refused her because I wrote a letter to Inga Lill asking her to tell me where she took my child when they went out of Sweden and why they went there and which passport they used. They refused to answer.  I asked Marita to send that refusal in writing, she refused. My phone is 031- 847624 home, 031- 654923 work (I’m the chairman of DF sports association for 6 years and all children love me) mobile 0707 - 216624. I ask all of you who will read this e-mail to help me and pass it to other people so that all can know what is happening in Sweden. A child is not like a loaf of bread which you go in the shop and buy one so that if it is finished or spoiled, you can buy another one. Please give some advice to how I can help my children mainly the small girl. Thanks a lot. If you talk to the people I have given you phone numbers, know that they are good at telling lies.

Lastly but not the least, I think it is better the social people to come to people's houses and help the children there but not take children from their parents. It is not only the parents who suffer; it is the children who miss the love of the parents. This divide and rule system must stop.

Long live NKMR and members, long live Ruby Harrold-Claesson and executive. From Among Mowing who believes in God and human rights. God bless us all.

Yours in struggle

Amon Muwanga.

From Amon Muwanga

President / Founder

Double Football International (Sweden).

Tel + fax : (+) 46-31-84 76 24 or (+) 46-31- 65 49 23

Mobile: 0707-216624



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