My beloved son

Daniel, my beloved son you were an innocent child but despite this you would be convicted to foster home care, to an unsuitable and deficient family in a damaging environment for you.

Your life was reduced to being a provider for criminal people.

You and I, Daniel, were completely innocent; even so we were treated worse than criminals

The only "crime" in the eyes of society that you were guilty of was being born not fully healthy! I claim that you were held hostage and that it took two years and nine months for them to kill you. Civil servants did this, during working hours, and at the taxpayers' expense.

You were sentenced to foster-home care because you were often sick, and for that reason needed to be home from school. You were considered a problem for the community to solve, because you lagged behind in your schoolwork.

You were sentenced to foster-home care because you did not develop at the right pace according to the norms of the authorities', norms set by a social worker.

You were sentenced to foster-home care because you had a mother, who dared to put her foot down, who dared to be critical and demanding!

A mother who dared to demand the same from the society that the society demanded from the parent. A mother who dared to demand that everyone, great or small, should abide by the law.

You were sentenced to lose your mother and your home. You were sentenced to be without legal rights.

You were sentenced to be completely alone and exposed to the capriciousness of the foster family. You were sentenced to ill-treatment. Including medical, social and emotional ill-treatment. You were sentenced to be with people that you hated. You were sentenced to a psychological prison, which consumed and wore out your emotions.

In this hostage-like situation you were rushed, manoeuvred, and manipulated to take a stand against your mother.

Your relationship to your mother was shattered due to the action of the authorities. You could not get out from their iron grip. You could not take it anymore! You were completely alone; you were absolutely destitute and inferior.

YOU were not allowed to live according to your abilities and on your own conditions.

You were not allowed to be sick and hurt. They regarded you as if you were less than human being - as if you were a machine. Your life should be transformed following the whims and dictates of a social secretary.

You should be socialised and transformed - cost it what it may - and to have a price set on your head.

You should be able to look after your self and become self-sufficient very fast, especially in your relationship with your mother. They changed your perception of reality to adapt you to the foster family and to the protection of the social worker.

Your appearance was the only thing that mattered. Your weight should be watched and if you lost weight, that was taken as proof of success.

Only the easily measured and easily examined counted.

Your emotional needs were not taken into account. You were absolutely destitute and alone. You were in need of loving-care and somebody incorruptible by your side, somebody who was loyal to you and always attended to your needs. This basic human need was not noticed.

I, your mother, protected you in your own home. You got the health care that your sickness demanded. I held a watchful eye over you and I knew how to interpret all of your signals.

But I could not protect you from society and all these experts, and their constructed picture about our way of life, viewed through their coloured glasses.

I knew that one had to be careful with you. But these experts knew better, so they thought. And they got the last word.

I knew one could not make too high demands on you - that you had the right to stay home from school when you were having an infection and were feeling tired. For me your survival was more important than if you lagged in your schoolwork. But, this was not accepted by the society. You should - cost it what it may - be 'socialised' and have demands made on you.

I could not protect you from your social secretary. This led to your death!

My question in despair: How could they expose an innocent and sick child to such strain?

How could we be treated worse than criminals could?

And how could this go on for several years, in spite of the fact that I alerted all the accessible supervising authorities?


Marianne Sigström.

Daniel's mother.


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