Borås - Prosecution is breaking up a family

Prosecution is breaking up a family

By Snezana Bozinovska, staff reporter

Translation: Ruby Harrold-Claesson, attorney-at-law




Snezana Bozinovska is a staff reporter at Boras Newspaper (Borås Tidning).

This article was previously published in Boras Newspaper on August 12, 2006 under the title "Åtal splittrar familj".



BORÅS. A father is being prosecuted, accused of ill treatment of his five week old daughter. The man denies the crime. But, despite the fact that the mother is not a suspect, she is not allowed to take care of her baby.


Earlier this year Boras newspaper (BT) told the story of the family with the ten month old daughter that is placed at the investigation home, Hässlehem. The little girl has been taken into public care.

The father is now facing prosecution for ill treatment of his daughter when she was five weeks old. The girl had bruises on her neck, blue marks on her body and swellings. The 26 year old father has explained that the injuries was an accident and that he caught the little girl when she was, as he saw it, about to fall of the changing table. The mother believes the father.

But doctors dismiss that version. They mean that a 34 day old child can not move its body and fall.

Last year
The incident occurred in November of last year. The mother was not at home. She was out having coffee with friends.


She is not in any way suspected of ill treatment. However, she is not allowed to take care of her baby. Instead, the family has an apartment at Hässlehem. The parents are not allowed to go to the beach or take a walk on their own with their child. To do that staff or friends have to be present to "watch" them


No difference
The fact that the mother is not suspected of a crime against her daughter doesn't seem to make any difference to the social services. At present there are plans to place the little girl in a foster home. One of the father's aunts is being investigated and she may be the one who will be given the right to care for her. Another possible alternative is that the parents and the child will be placed in a foster home.

I don't know what to do. I have accepted a lot of different investigations and proved that I am a god mother. I am not suspected of any crime towards my child. Just the same the social have the right to take her away from me, the mother tells BT.


The staff at Hässlehem, that has investigated the family, is strongly against the plans to place the little girl in foster home. "How long should a family be deprived of its integrity and freedom based on an incident that might never be cleared up? If it was carelessness or other circumstances that caused the injuries, both parents have now become aware of how important it is to see to safety measures around X. X has a good and secure connection to both her parents and a separation would seriously damage her health and development", write the staff in a report to the County administrative board.

The County administrative board is now investigating the way the social services have handled the case.



Expensive placement enrages

By Snezana Bozinovska


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