Borås - Expensive placement enrages

Expensive placement enrages

By Snezana Bozinovska, staff reporter

Translation: Ruby Harrold-Claesson, attorney-at-law




Snezana Bozinovska is a staff reporter at Boras Newspaper (Borås Tidning).

This article was previously published in Boras Newspaper on June 27, 2006 under the title "Dyr placering upprör".






A father is suspected of child abuse, but the mother isn't. Despite that fact she is not allowed to return home with her baby. Instead the whole family is being investigated at Hässlehem.

So far this placement has cost the commune more than 1,2 million SEK.



- I think that there is not enough evidence to take the child into public care, says the couple's lawyer Anders Högström.

He is upset about the way the social workers have treated the family. The mother and father and the baby girl, who has been taken into public care, have spent seven months at the Hässlehem investigation home. Even the staff at Hässlehem questions the way in which the family is being treated. It is the staff's duty to investigate the couple's parental ability and their connection to the child. All their investigations show that there is no reason for alarm. The staff at Hässlehem demands that the care order be lifted. They find that the parents are being counteracted by the social workers all along.


Close to giving up
- All of this has broken us down. We are on the verge of giving up. I don't know what more we can do to prove that we are good parents, the mother says to BT.


Besides, the social workers have imposed restrictions. The parents are not allowed to take a walk on their own with their child. The staff has to be present at all times to observe how they take care of her. The girl is not allowed to spend time alone with her grandparents during the weekend.


So far, the family's board and lodgings at Hässlehem has cost the commune 1 272 960 SEK. It costs 2 652 SEK per day for one person.
The mother's desire is to be able to return home with her daughter since she is not suspected of any crime.

Something that even the police state
- No suspicions whatsoever have been levelled at the mother, says criminal inspector Lennart Göhlin. After summer the prosecutor will decide whether or not the father will be arraigned.


On the demand of the social workers, both parents have been evaluated by a psychologist. The psychologist's report on the mother states that "she has sufficiently good knowledge to take care of a child." The psychologist finds that the father should be given the possibility to a gradual return to his home with the mother and daughter.

- I find this whole case to be one big scandal and I do not understand why the social workers refuse to listen to the staff at Hässlehem that has round the clock surveillance over the family, says Anders Högström.


Prosecution is breaking up a family

By Snezana Bozinovska


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