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Borås Newspaper (Borås Tidningen) has published the story of a little five week old girl and her parents. The little girl has been taken into public care because she has allegedly been ill treated by her father. Her mother has not been accused of or even suspected of any crime against her, yet the mother is not allowed to take care of her. Instead the social workers - against the recommendations of the investigation home - have decided to place the child in a foster family.

These articles were previously published on June 27, resp. August 12, 2006.





Prosecution is breaking up a family

By Snezana Bozinovska

BORÅS. A father is being prosecuted, accused of ill treatment of his five week old daughter. The man denies the crime. But, despite the fact that the mother is not a suspect, she is not allowed to take care of her baby.

Boras Newspaper (Borås Tidning) August 12, 2006.




Expensive placement enrages

By Snezana Bozinovska

A father is suspected of child abuse, but the mother isn't. Despite that fact she is not allowed to return home with her baby. Instead the whole family is being investigated at Hässlehem. So far this placement has cost the commune more than 1,2 million SEK.

Boras Newspaper (Borås Tidning) June 27, 2006.





Child protection or child abuse?
By Ruby Harrold-Claesson


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