Blundering social workers - unsubstantiated accusations of child abuse

Unsubstantiated accusations of child abuse

In Newport, South Wales, in August 2004 a father went upstairs to see an 11-year-old visiting boy lying on top of his daughter, then aged five. The father alerted police but a medical examination carried out as part of the subsequent investigation resulted in social services claiming that the child had been abused by an adult. As a result, the family's three children were taken into foster care, with their parents being allowed two visits each week, lasting one and a half hours, at a neutral venue.

The case against the parents collapsed after the family consulted an American doctor who found there was no suggestion of any sexual abuse. The parents who were wrongly accused of child abuse are now considering legal action for compensation against the council for the two years their children spent in care.

Cases like these are very frequent in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Here parents are guilty even after they are proven innocent. See for eg The Niko Case, The Götene Case and
Child protection or child abuse? on the NCHR's web site.

Articles published in The Telegraph October 19, 2006 –




Two-year nightmare of the family torn apart by 'abuse' case blunders
By Richard Savill

A couple wrongly accused of child abuse were yesterday considering legal action for compensation against a council for the two years their children spent in care.

Tim and Gina Williams were reunited with their three children last month after a judge exonerated them and praised their dignity.



Due Care
Opinion posted in the Telegraph

Having children taken into care is one of the most traumatic events parents can face. For children, it is even worse: they lose their home, parents and siblings, often without understanding why. That such a trauma could be inflicted on a household without any wrongdoing by the parents, as in the case of the Williams family from Newport in Wales that we report today, is truly appalling.



A system that abuses the whole family
By Cassandra Jardine

Cassandra Jardine on the scandal of parents presumed guilty and children rushed into care

'One minute we are a family, the next thing we know, social services are taking the children away," said Tim Williams, the father of three from Newport whose children have spent two years in foster care following false allegations of sexual abuse.





Children as the Primary Losers When Sexual Abuse is Falsely Alleged: Two Swedish Cases
By Siv Westerberg


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