A series of programs and articles on British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) web site, published in 2003



Baby deaths mother

Last year Angela Cannings was convicted of murder after three of her children suffered cot deaths. From the moment she was arrested Angela has always maintained her innocence.



BBC probe suggests cot death injustice

A woman serving two life sentences for murdering her two babies may have been wrongly jailed, a BBC investigation suggests.



The science behind cot deaths

The acquittal of Trupti Patel has highlighted the controversy over the science used to take parents of cot death victims to court.




The label with a life sentence

It is hard to imagine a crueller agony: To lose not one but two, maybe even three babies, and then to be accused of murdering them.



'Effects of drug mistaken for child abuse'
08 Dec 03  |  Real Story

Cot deaths advice and helplines
08 Dec 03  |  Real Story

Baby murder witness 'irrelevant'
04 Dec 03  |  Wiltshire

Doubts cast over baby deaths case
02 Nov 03  |  Real Story

Accused of abuse, but never tried
01 Jul 03  |  UK

Jailed mother's appeal date
24 Aug 03  |  Wiltshire

Baby deaths mother to appeal
16 Apr 02  |  England

Few cot deaths 'are murder'
21 Jul 03  |  Health

Protest over mothers' arrests
30 Jun 03  |  UK

'Tide turned' on cot death cases
12 Jun 03  |  Berkshire

Solicitor accused of killing sons freed
29 Jan 03  |  England


A jury gives its verdict on Meadow's Law
By Eric Roberts


Victims of child care errors win right to sue
By Clare Dyer


The rise and fall of a medical "expert"?

By Margaret Willaims


Professor's obsession with child deaths has robbed me of my little girl too

By David Cohen


Parents 'are wrongly blamed over sudden child deaths'
By Hannah Start


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