Children abused in child jails


CHILDREN ABUSED IN CHILD JAILS -  US abuse covered up in courts, media - no accountability,  no prosecution of criminals

By Pamela Gaston, A Voice for Children



Pamela Gaston is the owner and webmaster for the internet site "A Voice for Children".


Will and Pamela Gaston's daughter, Melissa Gaston, was removed from their custody and placed in foster care. As parents they have been completely isolated from their daughter, yet they have discovered that she has been badly misused and abused in foster care.


Demands for the release of their daughter has resulted in the Gastons being arrested, charged, dragged through endless court cases and even evicted from their home.


The comments below were made in connection with the Washington Post article "Mexico's Children Suffer in "Little Jails" (See link below).




Mexico's Children Suffer in "Little Jails"


This exact same abuse is happening in every state in the  US.  In America they are using foster homes as jails, and institutions abuse the children exactly as these children are abused.  In America they cover it over with a facade that the agencies are protecting the children.  In Mexico they do not have the money to put a face on it, and have to admit the children are not protected.


Unbelievably, the article states President Fox's answer to this horrific abuse is to build a NEW 1 Million $$ juvenile detention center..... to abuse more children.....


In the United States, as the families are being destroyed and petition the courts and legislatures, NO ONE in authority acts to protect any child, and just like Fox is doing, they give MORE  money to the agencies to abuse more children.....


We have discovery and hear others nightmares with the same abuse and worse as described here being done to these children who have NO where to turn as they are raped and beaten and used as slaves.  They are told they belong to the state and have no rights, and are demeaned and their self esteem destroyed - as one child who is living this abuse told us, "there is no love in the foster homes".



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