Children in care at risk MPs warn

Children in care at risk MPs warn
The care system is failing to track missing children, leaving them vulnerable to sexual crimes, MPs warn.
There were 42,000 incidents in England last year, according to estimates based on police figures. Official figures record the number of children absent for 24 hours, as just 930.
Three BBC News articles published June 13 - June 18, 2012.

Web master's comments:

It is also our experience in Sweden, that runaways from the ‘care system’ are not immediately reported to the police. Instead, the children can be gone for more than one week, without the parents or the police being notified. Cf the Charlotte Johansson case.

'Weaknesses' in how children's homes help runaways revealed
BBC News

"Serious weaknesses" in England's care system have been revealed by a report which found children's homes failed to protect runaways, the children's minister says.
An investigation by MPs found placing youngsters far from home could encourage them to abscond - leaving them then at risk of sexual abuse.
Their report calls for an independent investigation into the homes system.
BBC News, - 18 June 2012

Running away from care and into sexual abuse
By Judith Burns Education reporter
Children who run away from care are at risk of sexual abuse and the system in England is failing to protect them according to a report by MPs.
One teenager told BBC News her story.
Louise, not her real name, was barely 14 and in foster care miles away from family and friends when she was preyed on by a group of men.
BBC News, - 18 June 2012

Children in care at risk MPs warn
By Tim Whewell

Nine men from the Rochdale area were jailed in May for grooming and abusing teenage girls, including one who had been living in a privately-owned care home.
BBC Newsnight, - 13 June 2012

Charlott's brev till Norska Amnesty

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