Christine Trial A Sure Thing

Christine Trial A Sure Thing

Monday Press Conference In Portland

By Edgar J. Steele, Attorney at law



Edgar J. Steele is the attorney representing the Christine parents. This article was published on Yahoo! Groups on April 27, 2002.

The article is reprinted/republished here upon the special permission granted to all non-profit organizations.




ROSEBURG, OREGON - In 60 hours, Brian and Ruth Christine go on trial for allegedly kidnapping their own children back from Oregon's Services to Children and Families (SCF) agency.


Last minute negotiations with the Douglas County Assistant District Attorney late on Friday failed to yield any progress on a plea bargain for either parent. "He still wants them to go to prison for 7-1/2 years each for what amounts to nothing more than misdemeanor custodial interference," said Edgar J. Steele, attorney for the Christines.


Ruth Christine will be in Portland on Monday, to do a live interview on KATU TV, ABC's Portland affiliate. KATU will also tape an extended interview for later use and have agreed to make copies of that tape available to all members of the media, upon request, per Mrs. Christine's request, so as to lessen the need for her to participate in pretrial media hoopla.


Steele noted, "We will be finished at KATU at about 12:30 pm. At 1:00 pm on Monday, April 29, Mrs. Christine and I will hold a press conference on the sidewalk in front of KATU's Portland station to accommodate members of the media who have requested an opportunity to meet with Ruth face to face. We will take as long as necessary to satisfy those who come, up to two hours in length, when we really must leave to prepare for trial the following morning." The station is located at

2153 Sandy Blvd., Portland


Ruth Christine and her attorney recently appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today Show, to state their case directly to the American public. "People have got to wake up and realize what is happening right here in America," said Steele. "While they worry over noncitizens' rights in Military Tribunal trials, far worse things are done to our friends and neighbors in these secret child custody proceedings."


"Given the piling on of charges against the Christines, as evidenced by the recent additional "Secret Indictment" of Ruth," said Steele, "this case has become the poster child for why Measure 11 should be reversed in the fall elections this year."


At a hearing last month before William Lasswell, judge of the Douglas County Circuit Court, bail for Ruth Christine was cut from $500,000 to $50,000. The judge declined to reduce Brian Christine's bail of over $500,000. Ruth was bailed out about two weeks ago.


Ruth and her husband Brian have both been held under bail amounts set well beyond their ability to raise for over six months, while they awaited trial on a myriad of Class 1 felony charges for taking their own children back from Oregon's child services agency last year and fleeing the state. Brian allegedly used a revolver in forcing state employees to hand over his three daughters.


Steele previously had been instrumental in keeping the couple's newest baby,

Abbey Rose Christine, from being adopted out by Oregon along with their three oldest daughters, by appearing in a Montana court and persuading the judge to give the baby over to Brian's mother in a guardianship. Teri Christine lives in Indiana and has also been named guardian by an Indiana court of the couple's fifth daughter, Olivia.


"Oregon's SCF (the child services agency) was apoplectic after that decision in Montana," said Steele, "and vowed a scorched earth campaign against Brian and Ruth regarding their three oldest daughters, who had been returned to SCF when they were arrested in Montana while fleeing." That, together with the promise of a reasonable plea deal and the assurance that the three girls would be given to Ruth's parents for adoption, was what led the Christines to sign over their parental rights recently.


Immediately upon Steele's reentry into the case, Oregon cut off all funding for public defenders, investigators and expert witnesses, without giving a reason. Steele is serving pro bono, meaning without pay.

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