Communiqué to UNICEF Summit Meeting September 19 - 21, 2001



COMMUNIQUÉ to UNICEF Summit meeting September 19 - 21 2001

The United Nations must know

IN the Nordic countries - each year, millions of crowns are squandered and thousands of innocent families are needlessly wrecked by dishonest social workers, incompetent child protection officers and secretive administrative (family) courts.

The Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR - For the protection of Family Rights in the Nordic countries is an international organisation comprising of
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It was founded on November 30, 1996 at Christiansborg in Copenhagen, as a reaction against the prevalent cases where the social authorities in our different countries take children into public care, on what we deem as arbitrary grounds.

What is the NCHR?
The Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR - is an international, non-governmental organisation, free from politics and religion. It aims to:
* Strengthen respect for basic human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Nordic countries, based upon:

·    The UN Declaration of Human Rights;
·    The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;
·    The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

* Act resolutely to ensure that civil servants who are found guilty of abuse of power or of violating their fellow citizen's private and family life be brought to justice or before disciplinary bodies.

* To create public opinion in order to bring about changes in the present policies whereby residents in the Nordic countries appear to suffer unnecessary interference in their private and family life.

* Increase the rights and freedoms of private individuals and their families.

In pursuance of these aims the NCHR works with cases where children are being or have been removed, and are being kept from their families unnecessarily.

We try to provide help and advice for:

* Children who are being abused whilst in the care of the social authorities;
* Parents wrongly accused of offences against their children;
* Grandparents unfairly deprived of contact with their grandchildren by the social services;
* Any parents or children who need an intermediary when dealing with childcare professionals.
* Parents who, having placed their children in care on a voluntary and short-term basis, find that they are unable to get them back again (a too frequent occurrence when a single parent has a temporary health or other problem).


1 -  In the Nordic countries each year, thousands of caring and totally innocent families are NEEDLESSLY destroyed by the States' well intentioned but disastrous child care procedures.

2 -  In the Nordic countries each year, millions of crowns are squandered by dishonest and poorly supervised social workers inventing reasons to NEEDLESSLY take children into 'care'. The police and courts turn a blind eye to concealed adoptions and illegal trading with children.

3 -  In the Nordic countries each year the States are NEEDLESSLY creating thousands of juvenile delinquents who NEEDLESSLY grow up to be hardened criminals.

4 -  In the Nordic countries social services, today, are the most dangerous threat to private and family life our countries have ever known. The child-care systems in the Nordic countries must be overhauled as a matter of priority and an entirely new approach to procedures must be adopted.

·    Many child care authorities fail to carry out proper checks on foster parents.
·    Few children in care complete their secondary education. Some are even deprived of obligatory primary education and are mistakenly - or purposely - labelled by the social services as being retarded.
·    Children in care are far more likely to be abused than those living at home.

·    Events similar to Bjugn (Norway), the Bernt Stålbröst case (Sweden) and the Bernt Lindelöf case (Sweden) are still being repeated to the detriment of hundreds of families in the Nordic countries every day. Nothing has changed.
·    The Administrative Courts are bogged down with thousands of trumped-up cases brought by incompetent social workers fighting private battles against "unqualified parents who foolishly think they know best." Many social workers, because of their schooling, regard the family as being basically dangerous and an impediment for the development of the child.
·    A medical condition known as ADD-ADHD is responsible for a considerable amount of juvenile crime. Some child-care authorities recognise the condition but they prescribe the wrong remedy: the children are taken into 'care' in the mistaken belief that they are being 'emotionally abused' by their parents ... their first steps to a life of crime. In the Nordic countries each year, parents try to reclaim their children who have been abducted by the social authorities and flee to other countries.
·    At least 50 % of the adult population know at least one competent family that has been needlessly wrecked by incompetent or dishonest social workers, aided and abetted by the Administrative Courts. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of parents are terrified of approaching the social services for help - even when they are desperate for the assistance that properly run social authorities should be able to offer.
·    The press, radio and television have failed to publish or to follow up systematically the thousands of accounts of social services involvement where things have gone drastically wrong - due to the activities of the social workers - and where the victimisation of caring families is Orwellian and almost beyond belief.
·    In the Nordic countries today, a lot of people have lost confidence in the social services. Those who still believe that the Nordic states have the right formula for protecting children at risk are completely out of touch with reality. The truth is that the present systems in the Nordic countries are woefully inadequate and are, in fact, responsible for more abused children than any other source of abuse.

·    The European Court of Human Rights declared admissible the complaint of Chief Dr. Bernt Lindelöf, (C.L., B.L., E.L. and H.L. against Sweden) who was accused by the social services of sexually abusing his daughter who was suffering from Rhett’s syndrome. The handicapped child was unnecessarily separated from her family and placed in foster care. The Administrative Courts all found in favour of the social workers' actions against the family. On June 20, 2000, Sweden reached a "Friendly Settlement" of 2,1 million SEK with the family.

 ·    The European Court of Human Rights found Finland guilty of violation of Family Rights in the Case of K & T v. Finland for taking the newborn baby into public care in its verdict dated April 27, 2000 and its Grand Chamber decision of June 12, 2001.


The verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights have not changed the practices of the social services and the Administrative Courts in the Nordic countries.

Family abuse BY THE NORDIC STATES is a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. Unnecessary interventions into people's private and family lives are not necessary in civilised, democratic societies (Article 8).


Family abuse BY THE NORDIC STATES is a breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children have the right to their families and the right to be protected from economic exploitation. (Articles 16 and 32).


Family abuse BY THE NORDIC STATES is therefore not acceptable!

The NCHR hereby call upon The UN General Assembly and the UNICEF Summit meeting to demand that the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden must adopt the principles governing family life in the majority of the European nations and the world at large where Family - the corner-stone of society - is protected by law and the principles of closeness and subsidiarity are guidelines for social work.

September 14, 2001

Ruby Harrold-Claesson, (Mrs)
President of the NCHR

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