Destruction of the Natural Family

Destruction of the Natural Family

By Pamela Gaston



Pamela Gaston is Co-Director of the non profit newspaper "A Voice For Children". This article was previously published in the said newspaper. It is reproduced here with the kind consent of the author..



In Oregon, there is a Benchmark Goal that says "by the year 2010,
there will be no more children living in poverty in the state of
Sounds so good and compassionate - RIGHT? They don't tell you
that this means that there are no children living in poverty because
they are TAKING the children away from their parents ! They are
enacting this already, using "failure to provide" as an "assessment
risk factor" and removing the children, and compelling all
kinds of unlawful contracts.

Oregon, 5% of their Billion$$ budget is spent on "Family Preservation".
Then, they get their Federal Money ONLY on children and families who
"qualify" for welfare. They "target" those children for that reason, the
most of the families that get hit are vulnerable and cannot fight back
against the system, who is profiting from literally kidnapping their
children, without crime, or charges or conviction of a crime, yet compelling
contracts from the whole extended family, paying ten different adults to
be "counsellors, attorneys, guardians, foster people, respite care, services
and programs for everyone....." Also, until recently, bio families could
not be foster parents, but now they have started a new program to force all
family members caring for the children to be state approved and paid as
foster parents. (Just moving the funding streams around as we are all
confronting their unlawful policies). They have a funding stream for
every imaginable situation, and will work every side, and compel ten
different contracts on the same child whenever they can......FEDERALLY
FUNDED FRAUD, and NO accountability - SO FAR.........

IMAGINE if the families who barely get by, and are being destroyed for this,
if they got the money and perks and favors being bestowed on the officers
for the Family Police, the foster and adoptive resources.......
it is SICK SICK SICK and we all have to stop complying with it.......

say NO to corrupt judges who are violating your rights.......



TAKE THE MONEY AWAY and the Social Wreckers and
Foster parents will have to GO FIND A REAL JOB ......

Pamela Gaston, PO Box 132, Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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