Open forum by Canadians about legal and social issues affecting Canadian families – Friday January 11, 2002

Massive lawsuit filed against federal/provincial governments, social workers and lawyers

Claims Charter violations & systemic abuse of children and families!

Lawsuit may bring hope to thousands of children and parents whose rights have been violated by bias and corruption in Canada’s family court system.

In a stunning move that could significantly help hundreds of thousands of Canada’s children and families, on December 27th the National Shared Parenting Association president, Blain Collins, of Saskatchewan, filed a statement of claim against four Saskatchewan Legal Aid lawyers; two social workers from the Saskatchewan Family Law Division, Saskatchewan Justice; the Government of Canada; the Government of Saskatchewan; and his ex-wife.

It is becoming increasingly known by the public that complaints of bias against many of Canada’s judges, lawyers and social workers in the family law forum have been on the increase in recent years as parents take action against a system that seems to more damage to families than it solves.

In his lawsuit Mr. Collins has asked for millions of dollars in exemplary and punitive damages for grievous emotional pain and suffering, financial loss and Canadian Charter violations, from all but his ex-wife (asking $10/claim).

The lawsuit was filed to address perjury committed by Mr. Collins' ex-wife during their prolix post-marital custody and access dispute, in a March 2001 Court of Queen's Bench matter. The perjury involved Mr. Collins' ex-wife filing an affidavit complete with false statements that would encourage the court to grant her leave to move out of Saskatchewan with their two children. Mr. Collins alleges that his estranged wife attempted to take advantage of the court system which routinely favors mothers over fathers, and which routinely allows vindictive custodial parents to destroy their children’s relationships with their non-custodial parents.

The lawsuit also addresses the assistance by his estranged wife's four Saskatchewan Legal Aid lawyers (Bruce Campbell, Linda Bordessa, David Andrews, Jill McMahon), regarding their involvement in perjury. Mr. Collins alleges that even though he made the Saskatchewan Legal Aid  Commission and the four named lawyers aware of the perjury vis-à-vis official written notification, they ignored this fact and continued to represent Mr. Collins' ex-wife, without any regard to Ms. Collins' alleged transgression. As the supervisor of the four lawyers, Ms. Jane Lancaster, Director of Saskatchewan Legal Aid was also named as a defendant.

Social worker Debbie Watson of the Saskatchewan Family Law Division also is named in the lawsuit. Mr. Collins alleged that Ms. Watson falsified information in the court-ordered custody and access report that she did in the spring of 2001. As the supervisor of Ms. Watson, Roberta Behr of the Family Law Division was also named in the lawsuit. Mr. Collins claims that Ms. Behr refused to investigate his allegations of Ms. Watson's misconduct in a written complaint to Ms. Behr's department.

Mr. Collins has named the Federal and Provincial Governments in his lawsuit for crafting and harboring laws and procedures that allow parents and their children to be dragged through an archaic, heinous and adversarial family law system that shows no mercy to those unfortunate to be drawn into it.  Mr. Collins claims that he has been forced into Family court 22 times by his former wife.

Anyone wishing further information about Mr. Collin’s case may call him at (306) 586-1749.

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