Family Protection Amendment

Family Protection Amendment


Pamela Gaston, Co-Director of the non profit internet site "A Voice For Children", has sent the Family Protection Amendment to the NCHR for publication on our site.

In the message that accompanied the text she wrote:

The following constitutional amendment was written for the State of Oregon, certified in 1997, now blocked from moving forward by the state.


At this time we are beyond amending in Oregon.  A full restoration of Inherent Rights and Original constitutional jurisdiction is now on the horizon.  Filing this initiative made Public Record of the issues of systemic abuse and unconstitutional process.  This record has discredited the fraud scheme in place of lawful government at this time in Oregon.  


The initiative was initially certified in 1997, but we were unable to get media support or the 100,000 signatures to get it on the ballot.  We re-filed it in 2000, at which time the Attorney General and the Secretary of State blocked it without authority.


The whole corporate interest is compromising the families, the only foundation we have as human beings.  Our constitutionally protected Inherent rights are on the line.

The Family Protection Amendment has also been published on the web site "A Voice For Children".




Family Protection Amendment
For Protection Of Families From State Abuse



Be It Enacted By The People Of The State Of Oregon:

PARAGRAPH 1. The Constitution of the State of Oregon is amended by creating a new section 43 to be added to and made a part of Article 1 and to read:

SECTION 43 (1) Whereas We The People of the state of Oregon, declare all child abuse to be a felony; and whereas we find the child protective services of the CORPORATE STATE OF OREGON is a federally funded service agency that destroys families and severs children from their family body without Due Process of Law, by ambuscade, allegation, obscurement of facts behind the laws of confidentiality, for the benefit of federal and state funding streams, and receiving bonuses and bounties without charging anyone with a crime. Therefore, for the protection of Children and Families from state abuse be it enacted a Constitutional Amendment by creating a new section 43 to be added to and made part of Article 1 and to read:

(2) We the People of the State of Oregon, to establish protection for Families and Children from state abuse and destruction of the Family Body, mandate these provisions as follows: We define Family as a Man and a Woman and the Issue of their Union. Further, We The People, declare the Family to be the very foundation of Civilized Society, the Republic of The United States and the State of Oregon. And for the protection of Families so defined, from state abuse, we declare there to be a need for checks and balances against that body of public servants designated by election, or appointment, to carry out mandates of the Sovereign People of The State of Oregon. We further declare the subject of all sections of this Constitutional amendment to be for the Protection of Families and Children from state abuse.

(3) It is hereby declared any and all abuse warranting the removal of children from their Family Body must be no less than a felony. Therefore, for the Protection of Families and Children from state abuse it is mandated the state shall not remove a child from the custody of a Parent or Guardian of Kin because of child abuse unless the state can establish that there is probable cause to believe that the Parent or Guardian of Kin has committed a crime that is a felony and charges the Parent or Guardian of Kin with that crime. The state shall obtain Lawful arrest and search warrants prior to removing a child from the custody of the Parent or Guardian of Kin and shall present affidavit of probable cause and Lawful petition at the first hearing, disclosed to all Parties. Further, for the Protection of Families and Children from abuse by the state, the only crimes for which a child may be removed from the custody of the parent or guardian of kin are:
(a) Sexual abuse;
(b) Beating a child, or Torture other than spanking applied to the buttocks in a non-injurious manner, the seriousness of injury to be decided by the jury or stipulation.
(c) Unconscionable failure to provide a healthy environment including food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

(4) We declare a Child to be an integral part of a Family and when removed from the Family Body the Child has been abused by either the one alleged to have abused the child, or by an over-zealous, careless or renegade agent of the state hiding behind, or obscured by, laws of confidentiality. Therefore, the felonies so identified in section 43 shall be the only reasons tolerated or authorized, by the People of Oregon, for removal of children from the love, care, custody and wardship of Parents or Guardian of Kin, excepting those cases of voluntary placement of children with child protective services for reasons of health, care or welfare. A placement of this nature is to be considered temporary, the return in open court, and only credible evidence shall be allowed, with the burden of proof resting on the state. It is mandated confidentiality laws NOT WITHSTANDING For the protection of families from state abuse.

(4) All Rights of Due Process, for both the accused and the alleged abused child, shall be maintained and both must be made to fully understand their Right to Remain silent and leave questions unanswered. Plea bargains shall not be offered nor accepted nor shall a child be badgered or cajoled into testimony. For the protection of families and children from state abuse.

(5) Where a conviction by Jury of felonious abuse has been rendered the abuser shall be removed from the family body, by imprisonment if necessary, and the remainder of the family shall be left intact. In cases where the parents or guardian has deceased, a temporary guardian may be appointed by the court while all reasonable effort is made to return the child to the guardianship of his kin. This effort is to be vigorous and thorough for the protection of families and children from state abuse and destruction.

(6) The severing of children from their family body must be for provable cause with "Lawful" arrest and search warrants in hand. The Lawful due process of the accused shall be protected. If the state fails to obtain a verdict of guilty the children shall be returned to parental or guardian of kin custody immediately. Interim guardianship is to be determined by the children's kin or clan or family friends of long standing, in the best interests of family, and such guardian shall not be a stranger to the children, and it is further declared by we the people, that without a conviction of felonious abuse against the child the best interests of family are the best interests of children. For the protection of families and children from state abuse.

(7) Further, the burden of proof for such criminal conduct and charges ensuing shall rest upon the State of Oregon, agencies of the state and all authorities responsible for the initial removal of said children from the home, care, love and wardship of their parents or guardians of kin. For the protection of families and children from state abuse.

(8) The severing of family body by authorities of the state shall be deemed to be kidnapping by those removing the children, if done maliciously, for profit, for profit to the state, for personal gain, for personal agenda or for state agenda. False reporting by any person, private or official, is mandated to be a felony bearing a mandatory minimal sentence of a year in prison. We hereby demand accountability from both the accused and the accuser for protection of children and families from State abuse.

(9) An unedited, certified, videotape of all proceedings, shall be furnished to the parents or guardian of kin, without purchase, for the defense of the family in the Court of Appeals and to prove and protect the veracity and integrity of the court and the child protection agency. For the protection of families and children from state abuse.

(11) We the people of the State of Oregon mandate all funding for state agencies be routed through control by the state Legislature and we forbid any agency of the state to receive funding from any government except the Legislature of Oregon. We further forbid the Legislature to release funds for any action by any state agency that is Unlawful, or without due process of Law. Mandated for the protection of families and children from abuse by the state.

(11) This initiative is deemed to be a Quo Warranto and is hereby declared to be the Law of the state of Oregon. All previous laws, statutes, codes and common practices, contrary to this Quo Warranto, are declared to be null and void. Further, this Quo Warranto shall be the measure of the State's authority to Interfere into family structures Thus Mandated by We the People of Oregon.








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