Father's Rights Demonstration - Spiderman Strikes in Sweden

Father's Rights Demonstration

Spiderman Strikes in Sweden


The past years have seen a rise in the determination of fathers to be an integral part of their children's lives and not just the money machine to support them. The court systems in most countries today still deny fathers their basic Human Rights to private and family life. Mothers are most often given sole guardianship and custody of the children and often the children's rights to visit their non-custodial parent are limited and/or sabotaged. The reason behind refusing the children access to their non-custodial parent is most often the protection of the children - a reason that in some cases should be taken seriously, in others just a camouflage for something else. Fathers in several countries - dressed as Batman & Robin or Spiderman -  have been staging demonstrations to draw attention to what they describe as the injustices of the system. June 21, 2005 was Sweden's turn.


The reason for linking to this article is because we find that children who have been forcibly removed from their parents and placed in foster care are often denied their basic Human Rights to private and family life. Foster parents and social workers demonstrate the same tendency to sabotage visiting rights between parents and their children that have been placed foster care. Sabotage of visiting rights between parents and children can lead to Parental Alienation Syndrome - which has damaging long term effects on the children. The foster parents and social workers are under such circumstances, alienators.


Swedish law does not have any provisions for sanctions against foster parents and social workers who sabotage the visiting rights granted to parents and foster children by the administrative courts.




Spiderman Strikes in Sweden

By Roger F. Gay

STOCKHOLM - Just after 2 this afternoon, a man dressed as Spiderman climbed down the face of Stockholm city's large public theatre building, Kulturhuset, carrying a banner reading Fathers For Justice ("Fäder för rättvisa") that he hoped to fasten to the facade. It was a father performing an act that has become familiar in other parts of the world; demonstrating against injustice in family law.
MensNewsDaily.Com, June 21, 2005.




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By Sarah Womack and Yolanda Copes-Stepney


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