Kafka in Stockholm

Kafka in Stockholm.  Tear down the Swedish model's slave trade

By Ulf Sandmark, B Sc Econ.





Ulf Sandmark is a B Sc. Econ. in Stockholm. When this article was written, Ulf Sandmark was the Editor of the magazine "Stop the Drugs!" (Stoppa Knarket!).

The article was
written for EIR News Service following the publication of the case of the Ugandan father in the Theme Edition of "Stoppa Knarket!", No. 4 1992, under the title "Kafka in Stockholm. Compulsory care. The Swedish state sanctions slave trade with children".


The article is reproduced here upon the kind consent of the author.



The fight for civil rights in Sweden has for years focused on protecting the family unit. The enormous Swedish bureaucracy armed with all-encompassing rubber paragraphs is dominating all walks of life. The protection of the family has been chosen by civil rights activists as the battleground because the state's kidnapping of children (i.e. the state's "right" to take children away from their real families) is the ultimate infringement on civil rights, just short of executing someone. A group of Swedish lawyers have brought this fight to the European Court in Stras­bourg several times because they could not find any justice in Sweden. This has put the Swedish state on the record as the state with the most human rights violations in Europe.


These cases involving state kidnapping of children are just the tip of the iceberg, under which are concealed even more violations of human rights in Sweden. Yet Sweden still has the reputation of being a champion of human rights. Imagine yourself believing in this mythological paradise of justice and therefore seek political asylum in Sweden. That is what a Ugandan father did, fleeing from the dictatorship of Obote in Uganda.


After much struggle he succeeded in 1985 to bring his four children from Uganda to Sweden just to find that the Swedish social welfare authorities in 1990 took them away from him. They have now paid out more than 100.000 USD to "take care" of them only and finally have given custody of them to a Swedish woman who is bringing his 16 year old daughter to a restaurant where massive prostitution is going on.


The social authorities claimed that it was "best for the children" and that they would organize the rehabilitation of the family. But the nicely worded treatment plan and the talk about family reunion were just empty words. For almost two years the Ugandan father has been prevented from meeting his children, except for two short meetings at the social welfare bureau. The mother made a special trip from Uganda to Sweden to meet her children but was not even allowed to see them.


Instead the Swedish authorities have taken the partisan posi­tion entirely on behalf of a Swedish woman, a former neighbor who was a friend for a year with the Ugandan father and his children. The Ugandan broke the relationship with her, when she brought his 16 year-old daughter for late night visits to a Stockholm restaurant Monte Carlo, which the father did not like because there was massive prostitution going on there.


The Ugandan’s children have, at the cost of the Swedish tax payers been given a higher living standard, three times more pocket money, extra money for clothes and vacation trips, some­thing which he could never match despite his working three jobs. The children are told that they will loose all these financial benefits, if they meet their father. The children are simply bought off with a higher living standard and the freedom to roam the city without control, something which is not good for the character of young people.


On one occasion, when the daughter came home after midnight: Her father quarreled with her. She went to her father’s former girl friend, who the next day, took the rest of the children to her apartment. She then instructed the children to lie and say that their father had beaten them ever day for two years. The social authorities then made their clumsy intervention and ruled that the children should be immediately taken away from him. They thereby aggravated the disruption in the family relations in a way that might never be possible to repair. When the children discover that the state have cheated them of their family, they inevitably will be ashamed of what they have done to their father and for having been bribed. The more the time passes, the more difficult it will be for the children to reesta­blish contact with their daddy.


If the state intervention is not to the benefit of either the family or the children, one could easily realize that the real explanation behind all this is the blatant corruption that is sticking out so clearly. This same woman, who started the proceedings against the Ugandan father and his children, is now earning money off the children.


The placing of children in foster homes has become a huge moneymaking business for a stable of beneficiaries of the social welfare authorities. During the past 23 months the foster fami­lies for the Ugandan’s four children have received 550,000 SKR (the equivalent of 100.000 USD) in expenses and remuneration. The families receive 4.203 SKR per child as a monthly remunerative salary plus 3.526 SKR per child to cover monthly expenses, for a grand total of 7.729 SKR per child per month. The lawyers in the court proceedings got 69.487 SKR. On top of all this are undeter­mined expenses for daily transport by taxi for the kids to and from school across town, costs for 30 bureaucrats who all have been directly involved in the case, doctors' fees, four meetings with politicians deciding on the case and two trials among other things.


This is a "money making business", using children as sacri­fices to the bureaucracy, just as the Phoenicians a long time ago sacrificed their children to the god Moloch. But this modern slave trade cannot be explained without taking into consideration the political pattern which also is clearly visible in the Ugandan’s case.


The woman who was allowed to take the kids away from the Ugandan father, is an employee of the social democratic party controlled trade union magazine, Kommunalarbetaren. She is therefore clearly part of the nomenclature of the party apparatus that has more or less controlled Sweden for the last 60 years. This explains why the social authorities totally disregar­ded all the witnesses who could testify that the father is an extraordinarily good father.


Among these witnesses there were Swedish psychologists and Red Cross personnel, clearly not party hacks, who had stayed in close contact with the Ugandan father and his family all the years they had been in Sweden. The Ugandan father himself had also made clear to everybody, that he did not support the social democrats, the same party which supports the government in Uganda. He is a Ugandan freedom fighter and is a political refugee.


What the Ugandan father did not know, when he fled from the dictatorship in Uganda, was that by coming to Sweden he ended up in another kind of dictatorship, a dictatorship with a democratic face. The social welfare authorities, with the help of taxpayers' money, have created not only a parasitic bureaucracy but also a whole clientele. Together with a whole apparatus for unemployment make-work projects and re-schooling as well as tax funded cultural associations and other controlled activities and jobs, the Swedish welfare state has made a whole section of the society financially dependent upon them, and therefore a powerbase for continued rule by this nomenclature. This is a modern variety of the bread and circuses of the Roman Empire to ensure voters for the ruling elite.


The Ugandan father clearly was on the wrong side politically. He worked regular jobs to make a living for his family. He simply refused to become an Uncle Tom, who lived on social welfare and voted for the social democrats.


The Ugandan father waged a fight for his children in court, but the Swedish justice system is also politicized. There is no jury or other mechanisms to ensure the independence of the courts. It is rather the same rule by political apparatus, that had sanctioned the attack against his family in the first place. The laymen in court are politically appointed party members and every one of the judges in the highest courts are recruited on political merits from the government ministries.


The result is a lack of legal rights, which have forced Swedes to go abroad to find justice. The European court has seen many Swedes coming there to defend their civil right to bring up their own children. This route is however closed for the time being since the Swedish authorities do not follow the rulings of that court. They acknowledge that they did wrong when they kidnapped the children, but they don't give back the children in any case. The claim is that the children now have settled in for so long a time in their new foster family that it would not be "good for the child" to move a second time. One Swedish family has been forced to go through the time-consuming process of going back to the European court, a second time, to challenge this practice.


This system, "the Swedish model", is the background for the absurd and terrifying experience of the Ugandan father. The result is that the woman who brings his teenage daughter to the "hunting ground" for prostitutes, is given custody of the children. Such a system can only be defeated in a political fight for human rights that is fought both in Sweden and internationally. A special committee has been formed to save the Ugandan family. The Ugandan father is cooperating with the political resistance fighter within the social democracy in Sweden, Dr Alf Enerström, whose own son for political reasons was kidnapped 1974 by the state. The Ugandan father is also in cooperation with the international movement for civil rights that sees the American political prisoner Lyndon LaRouche as the heir of Martin Luther King.


The civil rights issue is as important for Sweden as for the eastern European countries when they fought to bring down the Berlin wall. However a system is not only changed from within. Civil rights have to be defended for all peoples, as civil rights leader and vice presidential candidate James Bevel put it: "This planet cannot permanently endure half slave and half free!"



Kafka i Tensta. Tvångsomhändertaganden. Svenska staten sanktionerar slavhandel med barn
By Ulf Sandmark

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