The Kadidja Kalekola Case - Zacharia Mori's letter to the NCHR


The Kadidja Kalekola Case

Zacharia Mori's letter to the NCHR


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Khadidja Kalekola




This e-mail was sent to the Board of the NCHR on June 11, 2001 at 18.05. It is published here with the special consent of the writer, Zacharia Mori.



Dear Sirs,

I read the case of Khadidja and it led me into very deep sorrow. How can a country calling itself civilised do such a thing? How many times have even Sweden begged for paedophiles, narcotic traffickers to come and serve their jail terms in comfortable prisons of Sweden. If Khadidja was a Swede in a foreign country then even the King could have been asked to intervene. This shows that the only valuable life is that of the Swedish and where their interests are, and other people's lives are worthless. Even the former communist states did not treat people like that. Goran Persson should get the message.

What I ask you the board is to try to publish this information in several European big newspapers. Let the Swedish government be embarrassed by that. Let the whole world know what is happening in Sweden and not only the good welfare state. Social Bureaucrats have abused their powers greatly and should not be allowed to continue further. Complaints should be lodged with the European Court of justice. Its you the board to demand independent commissions to investigate government's wrongdoings. It happens in every democracy in Europe where governments are criticised for doing wrong. If foreign parliamentarians have to live under secret address and in hiding, Swedish democracy leaves me in doubts. Having multiparty alone is not the only thing in a democracy.

I am behind you and supporting you work greatly. It has happened to a friend of mine who is a non-drinker, non-smoker and a very religious person. The foster home where his daughter was taken to is quite the opposite of her father's house. It has taken him 2 years of torture and there is no end in sight. Please try to help all of them.

I will be ready to receive further information from you and will always try to help you in the way that I can. Below is my name and address for further correspondences. I am a consultant by profession.

Until I hear from you

Yours Sincerely

Zacharia Mori

United Kingdom


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