Must fight for our children !


Must Fight For Our Children!

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My name is Gloria Kikuts. I've had the great pleasure of spending some time in your beautiful country. I'm alarmed that your society is beginning to have problems with its child protecting (misnomer if you ask me) system as we are here in the U.S.

Pray God! that such is no where near the level as what we are facing. Whatever the degree of the problem you must work to put an end to it. Families here are suffering. I'd hate to see yours follow suit.

Allow me to take this opportunity to invite you to my, recently put up web site with a, perhaps unique, but all too compelling view of this problem:



Gloria Kikuts


Re, The War for Our Children

At 18:40, 2001-03-21


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What I find incredulous is that the average person hasn't a clue to what is being perpetrated upon them (their families). Incapacity of abstract thought, incapacity of deduction, apparently, is a terrible affliction, fatal in fact.

May I suggest you read the following. Find the book, 1984 Revisited - totalitarianism in our century, by Irving Howe, a series of Essays. Go to the essay by Robert Tucker (Pg. 96, or so). Robert T speaks of the "illusive factor driving the tyranny of which we speak. Saying as how the cause eluded great minds. The Writer defines said factor as the "it". I won't say any more about that. His work is critical for one with an understanding as to How, but needs to better understand Why.

There is no doubt but that this systematic trampling of the Parental is a problem when it exists to the degree you speak of in Europe too. In the face of its extensiveness alarm is the mark of intelligence.

Speaking personally, I just can't shake my mind free of Orwell's words in, 1984 (Pg. 220):

"We have cut the links between child and parent...No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends. Children will be taken from mothers at birth, as one takes eggs from a hen."

That condition is what awaits we parents, grandparents, If not actualized in our lifetime, then, that is the legacy we will leave to future generations. That is, if don't put aside apathy, fear, whatever.

I'll re-visit your site immediately after writing this. Feel free to print this as well.

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Gloria Kikuts


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