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James Roger Brown is the director of THE SOCIOLOGY CENTER.

The Advisory was sent by e-mail to every Prosecutor and State Attorney General in the United States. It has also been posted on several websites.

It is published here with the kind consent of the author.



The recent horror story of a fifteen-month delay in Florida officials discovering that foster child Rilya Wilson had apparently been kidnapped by persons knowledgeable of the inner workings of the child protection system was due to the systematic falsification of child protection system records. This falsification of child protection system records is part of a national pattern of organized crime. It is not an isolated incident.


The Rilya Wilson case is the tip of a criminal iceberg. Beginning about 1973, criminal elements in the mental health and social work professions began cooperating to construct an organized criminal enterprise that exploits children behind the legislated secrecy of the child protection, juvenile justice, and mental health systems. The contemporary end result is a nationwide organized criminal operation that uses everything from sophisticated science-fraud-based "evaluation" instruments structured to produce false positives to third party state service contracts written to sustain a system of structural corruption in which state employees and contract service providers must falsify records and testimony or they will not continue to be employed or paid.


To maintain their existence, organized criminal operations must construct management bureaucracies with policies and procedures necessary to sustain daily operations, just like any other bureaucracy. The only adaptation required to run criminal operations in the government and quasi-government agencies which constitute the child protection system is that they must be integrated into the policies and procedures of the umbrella agency and not be detected as components of a criminal bureaucracy.


The existence of organized crime in the child protection system of any given state is not that difficult to detect. Prominent among the indicators are:

(1) the annual number of founded child abuse allegations can be predicted from the number of conditional federal grant and reimbursement salary fund dollars needed to balance the state child protection agency payroll (the number of children taken into state custody each year will be the number sufficient to generate the federal fund claims necessary to balance the agency payroll); and

(2) third party contracts to file state child protection agency federal fund claims will contain provisions that only compensate the contractor for increases in federal funds paid to the state over and above the amount paid in the previous contract for such claim filing services. The latter creates a system that will only result in compensation to the contractor if the number of children taken into state custody constantly increases and/or the total claims generated from each child in state custody increases each contract cycle. The net result is a system in which everyone stays employed only if the number of founded child abuse cases and children taken into state custody always increases and never decreases. An important byproduct of this criminal process of exploiting children independent of the true child abuse rate is the blind political support for the criminal operations generated by the constant flow of conditional federal funds into the respective State's economy. In the Rilya Wilson case, even the Foster Mother continued to receive and accept payments for the care of Rilya over a year after the child disappeared. Caseworkers reportedly told her to take the money.


There are similar lessons to be drawn from the embarrassment of the Bush Administration over numerous ignored warnings that Osama bin Laden planned to hijack planes and fly them into buildings and the embarrassment of Florida Officials having to explain fifteen months of falsified child protection records, sworn court testimony that Rilya Wilson was in Florida State custody and doing fine, and falsified federal fund claims for services delivered to a child that may have been dead the entire time. After the collapse of the WorldTradeCenter, both the American Public and terrorists worldwide now know the United States is vulnerable to attack, due in large part to corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in intelligence and law enforcement agencies. After the Rilya Wilson case in Florida, the Public and every child molester, pornographer and other criminal who need children for their misdeeds know that the corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in the child protection system can be exploited as cover to acquire children for their own illicit purposes. What happened to Rilya Wilson in Florida can happen in any state where the current organized criminal exploitation of children is allowed to continue. Sooner or later other criminals, including child molesters and child pornographers, are going to become sufficiently aware of the mechanisms the current organized criminals are using to manage their criminal bureaucracy that they will also be able to exploit the system, as were the people who reportedly kidnapped Rilya Wilson and returned a week later to collect her clothes. Among the obvious possibilities is obtaining information about the criminal activity (falsifying federal claims, official reports, insurance claims, etc.) of individual state employees or licensed professionals, like psychiatrists and psychologist, and blackmailing them to allow access to children for criminal exploitation or perversion.


Of major importance to prosecutors is that the systematic falsification of records by child protection system crime participants in psychiatry, psychology, social work and child abuse investigation units, results in the systematic falsification of evidence used in child related criminal and civil judicial proceedings. While it may be tempting not to look to closely at experts and evidence which make convictions easier, relying on criminals who help conceal their nefarious enterprises by providing convenient services to the people who should be prosecuting them is a house of cards that will collapse locally or nationally at some point. We have the contemporary examples of the falsification of evidence in the Los Angeles Police Department and the newly documented error rate in death row convictions.


Unless something is done to shut down the organized criminal activity in every state in which it exists, Rilya Wilson is not going to be the last horror story to capture national attention. Careers will be ruined, as they have been in Florida, and people will end up going to prison for crimes far beyond what they thought they were getting themselves into by falsifying a few reports to get federal funds into the state or for insurance claims. Prosecutors, Legislators, and other state officials who thought they were benefiting their state by looking the other way because federal funds were coming into the state's economy, may end up having to face situations far uglier than they ever thought. Former Arkansas State Senator Nick Wilson is now in federal prison for his sponsorship and participation in one such legislated criminal enterprise to exploit children. Other Arkansas attorneys involved lost their licenses to practice law. An Austin, Texas DHS Supervisor committed suicide after allegedly being caught running a foster child prostitution ring from his office computer. In a recent Arkansas Legislative Session, a bill drafted by Arkansas Department of Human Services employees was discovered to contain provisions that would have required employees to lie about records and facts, even if subpoenaed. The bill was withdrawn once the Legislator duped into being the primary sponsor was made aware of its contents. In a June 6, 2002, opinion, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that an infant Arkansas citizen had been illegally transferred to Florida State custody in what was essentially an interstate criminal conspiracy to seize and transport children in complete disregard of State and Federal law. (See Arkansas Department of Human Services v Cox, Supreme Court of Arkansas No. 01-1021, 349ark, issue 3, sc 9, 6 June 2002


The important point being that these child protection system criminals will be pushing the envelop on what they can get away with, as in these examples, and sometimes that envelop will rupture, as in the Rilya Wilson case, exposing not only the criminals but government officials and private citizens who were indirectly benefiting from the criminal activity. The important question being how sophisticated, brutal and embarrassing will organized crime in the child protection system be allowed to become before it is addressed.


In the hope that my documentation of how the organized crime bureaucracy functions in the child protection system will help prevent any repeats of the Rilya Wilson horror story, I draw the material to your attention. Below is the master link page address for six articles I have written on how crime in the child protection is created, organized and managed. The six articles will provide an overview of the context in which a child's kidnapping can be concealed for over a year. Although written for the popular media, each article contains detailed instructions on how to detect various mechanisms used by organized criminals operating in the child protection system to sustain their operations. Part II contains a formula for determining if the annual number of founded child abuse allegations can accurately be predicted from the number of conditional federal salary fund dollars needed to balance the child protection agency payroll.


See links to Parts I-VI of "Crime Management in Government" at:


I sincerely hope you will use this information to determine if the child protection system in your state has an organized crime problem. I do not want to see any more stories like that of Rilya Wilson, when I know they can be prevented by ending the influence of organized crime in the child protection system.


If I may be of further assistance, please contact me at:


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The Rilya Wilson Case


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