Iraq: Norway reacts to torture of children

IRAQ: Norway reacts to torture of children


As a reaction to the alleged torture of children in Iraq, Norwegian authorities state they will address the US both politically and diplomatically and they clearly state that torture of children is not tolerated.


The Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR - For the protection of Family Rights in the Nordic countries welcomes the initiative of the Norwegian government and Norwegian Amnesty in this issue. However, both the Norwegian government and Norwegian Amnesty should devote as much time and energy to combating the even more serious torture of children that is being perpetrated in their own country, where children are unnecessarily being removed forcibly from their loving, caring parents and placed in public care in foster homes by the national authorities through the child protection system "barnevernet".


Only now is the voice of people who have been confined in children's homes gaining force and starting to be taken seriously. They say: "We have been tortured". But the misguided forcible removal of children from their loved ones and the placement of them in children's homes and foster homes continues and is even getting worse. The official propaganda aims too strengthen the contempt for parents and the natural family and seeks to suppress information about the plight of several thousand families destroyed by the agents of the welfare state.


Certain cases that have earned media attention during recent years are inter alia :

 The Adele Johansen case, The Anita Lundli case and The Svanhild Jensen case.


When Adele Johansen recently tried to go to the European Court of Human Rights again to have her stolen daughter restored to the family, the national courts once again started their mud-slinging at her based on the old, totally false psychological "evidence" which they had used to start the case in the first place. The Norwegian state then in their pleading to the Court of Human Rights simply fooled the Court as to every concrete fact of the case.


The Adele Johansen case is in English because the European Court of Human Rights found Norway guilty of violating the Adele Johansen family's basic Human Rights to private and family life. However, unfortunately, the bulk of the information about these torture cases is in Norwegian.




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