Raoul Wallenberg Prize for the struggle against injustice


Professor emeritus Jacob W.F. Sundberg has been awarded the Danish Raoul Wallenberg Society's Honorary Diploma and Medal. The Diploma and Medal of Honour are awarded in commemoration of Raoul Wallenberg's birthday, December 6, 1912. It is awarded for Professor Sundberg's "efforts in the fight for liberty and justice".

Professor Sundberg has made innumerable important contributions in the legal field. Among his lasting achievements is his creation of the yearly Scandinavian Moot Court Competition for Law students. The is a special course in Practical European Procedure, focussing on the European Convention of Human Rights, with themes like, for example the Swedish Anti-smacking Law (Reykjavik, 1994), and the land rights of the Samis (Helsinki, 1998). The highlight of the Course is the Pleading Session which takes place in the Supreme Court buildings in one of the Scandinavian countries, before a galaxy of European and Scandinavian Supreme Court judges.

The Danish Raoul Wallenberg Society's Honorary Diploma and Medal were awarded to Professor Sundberg at a ceremony held at the Danish Parliament.




SPORRONG LÖNNROTH X. Jubileum session at Reykjavik 1994.


The participants assembled under Ingolf Arnarssons statue. First row from left: The Direction: Prof. em. Jacob W.F. Sundberg, Supreme Court judge Thor Vilhjalmsson, European Court of Human Rights and EFTA-Court, Olavi Heinonen, President of Finland's Supreme Court, Hrafn Bragason, president of Island's Supreme Court, Rolv Ryssdal, president of The European Court of Human Rights, Raimo Pekkanen, Judge in the European Court of Human Rights and Supreme Court judge, Trond Dolva. Second row: Supreme Court judge Gudmundur Jonsson, Supreme Court judge Jens Bugge, judge in the EFTA-Court, Sven Norberg, Supreme Court judges Göran Portin and Fredrik Sterzel. Behind them: The Law-clubs - their people and flags.

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