Sally Clark - wrongly jailed for killing her sons - found dead

Sally Clark - wrongly jailed for killing her sons - found dead
A series of articles published in the Daily Mail, March 17, 2007


The Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR/NKMR - For the Protection of Family Rights in the Nordic countries wishes to convey our deepest sympathy to Sally Clark's family. We are deeply grieved by Sally Clark's unnecessary suffering at the hands of an incompetent, power and prestige steered "expert" and the total lack of commonsense and analytic capacity in the court system.

Those responsible for Sally Clark's unnecessary suffering and untimely death should be brought to justice without further delay.

The NCHR has been following Sally Clark's and other unjustly accused mothers' cases for many years. We have both linked to and published articles on these cases on the NCHR's web site.

March 19, 2007

Ruby Harrold-Claesson
President of the NCHR/NKMR



Sally Clark - wrongly jailed for killing her sons - found dead
By Laura Roberts and James Tozer

Sally Clark, the mother who was wrongly jailed for killing her two sons, has died.

Her family said in a statement she was found dead at her home Friday morning.

The cause of the 42-year-old's death has not been revealed. But relatives said she never recovered from the appalling miscarriage of justice she suffered.
The Daily Mail, March 17, 2007


Sally Clark 'drank herself to death'

By Gordon Rayner and Colin Fernandez

Sally Clark drank herself to death after using alcohol to numb the pain of being wrongly convicted of killing her sons, a close friend says.

The former solicitor is thought to have suffered a heart attack while her husband Steve was away on business.

The Daily Mail, March 17, 2007


Friends say tragic Sally 'died of a broken heart'

By Elizabeth Sanderson

Sally Clark's devoted husband Steve - the man who campaigned for four years after she was wrongly jailed for murdering her baby sons - was away on business in France when she died.

Mrs Clark, a 42-year-old solicitor, was convicted in 1999 but cleared by the Court of Appeal in 2003.

The case has become notorious as one of the worst miscarriages of justice in recent times.

The Daily Mail, March 17, 2007


May all those who drove Sally to this hang their heads in shame

By Geoffrey Wansell
The brutal truth is Sally Clark was killed by the law as surely as if she had been sentenced to the gallows in the days of the death penalty. No civilised society should allow itself to tolerate such behaviour towards a mother whose only crime was to love her children - and do everything in her power to protect them.

Sally Clark's death is a grotesque stain on the British legal system, the Cheshire police and the medical establishment: and they should never be allowed to forget it.

The Daily Mail, March 17, 2007




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A time for tears and outrage
By Howard Fishman

General Medical Council's Preliminary Proceedings Committee
Samuel Roy Meadow's name erased from the Medical Register

Sir Roy Meadow struck off by GMC
BBC News


"Munchausen by Proxys Meadow is pushed to appeal; Supporters sob for "Doctors," "Child Protection System"
By Barbara Bryan


Dr Roy Meadow: Dangerous UK Quack
By Jamie Doward


What future for expert witnesses?
By Claire Heald

A jury gives its verdict on Meadow's Law
By Eric Roberts

Mother cleared of murdering babies after six years in jail
By Jenny Booth

This woman's new-born baby was seized on the say-so of the cot death expert who helped to jail Sally Clark unjustly. Hundreds more claim to be his victims. So how did Sir Roy Meadow come to wield such power?

Meadow - Questionable thinking of a TV sofa shrink
By: John Sweeney


INNOCENT - Sally Clark



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