The Fran Lyon Case

The Fran Lyon Case

A young British woman, Fran Lyon, 22 years old, is pregnant and expecting the delivery of her first child, a daughter who she has named Molly, in January 2008.  Earlier this month Fran Lyon was told her child would be taken from her at birth because social services in Northumberland say she is likely to make up an illness or harm the child in order to get attention. During her childhood she is said to have suffered a personality disorder - for which she was successfully treated - but social services officials still say she is likely to suffer from Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy, a very questionable condition invented by Paediatrician Roy Meadow, according to whom mothers invent illnesses or harm their children for attention.

A series of articles in the Sunday Telegraph, The Mail, The Journal and Sky News, August 26, 2007 --



Runaway mum has baby girl

By Jeanette Oldham
A PREGNANT woman who fled the Midlands after she was told her baby would be taken away within minutes of its birth has had a healthy girl. Terrified Fran Lyon, 22, went on the run because she feared doctors and social workers suspected she might harm her daughter. Ms Lyon, originally from Hexham, Northumberland, was brought to Birmingham in November by Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.
IC Birmingham, Jan 21 2008


Pregnant woman who fled UK after social services threatened to take her baby now told she can keep her child
Daily Mail News article

A pregnant woman who fled Britain after social services threatened to take away her baby as soon as it was born has been told she can keep her child. Fran Lyon fled to Europe last month to escape the ruling - but authorities have now performed a u-turn and said she is actually safe to be a parent. The 22-year-old flew to the continent last month after Northumberland County Council ruled that her child would be taken from her 10 minutes after birth.
The Daily Mail, December 28, 2007


From the frying pan into the fire.

By Ruby Harrold-Claesson

Swedish and Norwegian media have been speculating that Fran Lyon has fled to Sweden. As president of the NCHR and lawyer, I work inter alia with compulsory care cases. From my professional experience I do hope for Fran Lyon's and her baby's sake that the newspapers are wrong in their assumptions. Fleeing to Sweden, or any of the Nordic countries for that matter, would be jumping from the frying pan into the open fire.

So, if Fran Lyon is in Sweden, I recommend her to leave as fast as possible. See for eg The Edner Case, which tells a little about how Sweden has treated British citizen Liz Edner and her British citizen child. And while you are at it, read the other cases on the web site.

Comment sent to the Daily Mail, January 11, 2008


I've fled the country to stop social workers taking my baby

By Elizabeth Sanderson

She is, on first impressions, just like any other first-time mother. The cot and the pram are on order, she has bought more cuddly toys than she will ever need and she has even given her little girl a name – Molly.

With less than six weeks to go before the birth, the baby is kicking and it brings Fran Lyon an undeniable thrill of pleasure. At least, it does now she finally feels safe to enjoy it.

For all the innocent joys of impending motherhood have been denied Fran since social workers warned her four months ago that Molly would be taken away ten minutes after birth and placed with foster parents.

The Sunday Mail, November 24, 2007



Mother-to-be flees as social workers warn her they will take her baby away at birth

By Paul Sims
A mother-to-be has fled her home after social workers threatened to take her baby within minutes of the birth.

Fran Lyon, 22, hopes a new local authority will take a different approach.

She insists that the mental health problems she had as a teenager - she started self-harming at 15 and has been treated at psychiatric hospitals for borderline personality disorder - are now behind her and there is no evidence she will harm her child.

The Daily Mail, 21st November 2007



Pregnant woman’s ‘hounded out’ claim

By Paul James

A PREGNANT woman last night said she had been “hounded out” of the region by council bosses who plan to take her child from her within 15 minutes of its birth.

Fran Lyon yesterday left her home in St Hilda’s Road, Hexham, after receiving what she described as a “horrific” birth plan for her child from Northumberland County Council social services.
The Journal, November 10, 2007



Anxious wait for verdict on baby
By Ben Guy

A MOTHER-to-be was not allowed to attend the meeting that will decide the fate of her unborn child because of council policy.

The Journal, Sep 13, 2007



'I will fight threat to take my baby' 

By Ben Guy

A YOUNG mum-to-be has vowed not to terminate her pregnancy and to fight to keep the child social services want to take from her. Fran Lyon said the threat of losing her unborn child had caused her to contemplate an abortion at an early stage in her pregnancy, but she is now fully committed to fighting to keep the baby.

The Journal, Sep 08, 2007



My baby will be taken from me the moment it's born

By Helen Weathers
The daughter of teachers and with a glittering academic future, Fran was delighted when she became pregnant. But social services discovered the illness she thought she'd put behind her - and will confiscate her daughter when she is born...

Fran Lyon is due to give birth to her first child - a daughter she has already named Molly - on January 3. But the prospect, far from being one of joyous anticipation, fills her with a dread that keeps her awake at night.

The Daily Mail, 6th September 2007

Secrecy culture of social services

By David Harrison

Social workers have been accused of trying to pressurise a psychiatrist into dropping his support for a pregnant woman who faces having her baby taken into care at birth.

Dr Rex Haigh, who had written a character reference for Fran Lyon, a 22-year-old charity worker, said that a social worker was "clearly trying to undermine" his support for Miss Lyon, who is five months pregnant.

The Sunday Telegraph - 02/09/2007



Woman Fights To Keep Unborn Baby

A pregnant woman has been told that her baby will be taken from her at birth because of fears it will be subject to 'emotional abuse'.

Despite the recommendation by social services, some psychiatrists are backing 22-year-old Fran Lyon in her determination to prove that she is capable of being a responsible mother.

Sky News, August 29, 2007



Woman Fights To Keep Unborn Child (video)



Woman fights to keep baby

By Jule Wilson

A WOMAN fighting to stop her unborn baby being taken from her at birth is considering having an abortion because she does not want her child to go into care.

Fran Lyon, 22, will have her baby daughter taken into care by social services unless a judicial review can convince the authorities that she does not pose a risk of causing the child emotional harm.

The Journal, Aug 27 2007



More use of a vague reason to remove children

By David Harrison
Fran Lyon is the latest parent to be told her baby will be taken away at birth because social services believe she is capable of "emotionally abusing" a child that has not yet been born.

The term is hugely controversial because it is vague, undefined in law, and leaves room for many injustices.

It is used, however, to justify removing a growing number of children from their parents, many of them at birth or in their first year.
Sunday Telegraph - 26/08/2007


Threat to take new-born over emotional abuse

By David Harrison

A pregnant woman has been told that her baby will be taken from her at birth because she is deemed capable of "emotional abuse", even though psychiatrists treating her say there is no evidence to suggest that she will harm her child in any way.

Sunday Telegraph - 26/08/2007



Leader: The unnatural justice of secret family courts

The Sunday Telegraph highlights today yet another case in which a mother has been threatened with losing her baby to local authority care. The mother had not shown any sign at all of harming her child, for her baby has not yet been born.

The local authority, however, is convinced that there is a possibility that she might harm the child.

Sunday Telegraph 26/08/2007




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