The Lohstroh Case

The Lohstroh Case


A series of articles published in different media August 27, 2004 - October 24, 2011


Published November 6, 2004; updated March 2, 2012




Dr. Rick Lohstroh was an emergency room physician at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. On August 27th, 2004 Dr. Lohstroh was shot in the back with a hand gun by his own ten year old son. Dr. Lohstroh’s ex-wife, Deborah Geisler, had been trying to alienate the children from their father for years. Throughout the end of their marriage and divorce Deborah exhibited a very aggressive style of Parental Alienation. Allegations of physical and sexual abuse had been made by Deborah but were proven false. At the end of the divorce Dr. Lohstroh was awarded the couple's home in Friendswood, TX and given equal parenting time of his two boys. Deborah became enraged and vengeful using the children as weapons against their father.
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Please read these articles and then pass them on to everyone you know. Getting PAS included in the DSM-V will make the courts recognise it as an actual disorder on a national level. The courts could then order parents and children into treatment programs before what happened to Rick Lohstroh happens to someone else.



If you have ever been affected by this disorder you realise how devastating it is to families, please take the time to write a letter to the address below.




Thank you for your continued support of Dr. Rick Lohstroh and his family. Dr. Lohstroh's death was a tragedy, but we can do something to keep it from happening again.
Please forward this to everyone you know and write to the address below.




Sending letters, written on paper, that can be included in a file, is the best way to seek any change. Emails won’t work.


Send your letters to:


DSM-V Coordinator
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Nearing Finale for Son Convicted in Dad's Shooting Death

By Kristine Galvan

HOUSTON - August 2004: It was a crime scene that changed a 10-year-old boy's life.

Harris County deputies swarmed a brick home in an affluent Katy subdivision, responding to a call of shots fired., 24 Oct 2011



Teen wants a new trial in Katy dad's (Dr. Richard Lohstroh) death

A teenager whose conviction in the fatal 2004 shooting of his father in Katy was reversed could face 40 years behind bars after deciding Thursday to go to trial again, accused of murder.
The boy, who was 10 at the time of the shooting, was convicted by jurors in October 2006 when he shot his father, Rick Lohstroh, six years ago. He was sentenced to 10 years behind bars., 7 Jan 2011



10-Year-Old Who Killed Father After Beginning Prozac Gets New Trial

By Philip Dawdy, December 12, 2008



Constables: Boy, 10, Shoots Father To Death
Visitation Dispute May Have Lead To Shooting

A 10-year-old boy shot his father to death in front of the boy's west HarrisCounty home Friday afternoon, officials told Local 2.
Click2Houston, August 27, 2004



Boy Suspected Of Fatally Shooting Father To Remain Detained

Estranged Divorce, Unsubstantiated Abuse Allegations May Be Child's Defense

Bill Hawkins with the Harris County District Attorney's Juvenile Division said officials need time to collect investigative reports on the shooting, autopsy information and details on the child. Another hearing was scheduled for Sept. 13.

 Click2Houston, August 30, 2004



Girlfriend, Colleagues Defend Slain Doctor

Couple Arrested Several Times On Family Violence Charges
A doctor who police say was shot to death by his 10-year-old son had a troubled relationship with his wife. The man told police at one point that she had threatened to kill him by injecting him with insulin, records show.

 Click2Houston, August 31, 2004




Slain Doctor Told Police Wife Threatened To Kill Him
Couple Arrested Several Times On Family Violence Charges

A doctor who police say was shot to death by his 10-year-old son had a troubled relationship with his wife. The man told police at one point that she had threatened to kill him by injecting him with insulin, records show.

 Click2Houston, September 1, 2004




Grandparents get temporary custody of Lohstroh children

Associated Press

GALVESTON -- The grandparents of two brothers, including a 10-year-old boy accused of killing his father, were granted temporary custody of the boys Wednesday. The older boy is in a Harris county juvenile detention after allegedly shooting Dr. Rick Lohstroh on Aug. 27 as the two sat in Lohstroh’s vehicle. Lohstroh had gone to his ex-wife’s west HarrisCounty home to pick up the boys for a week’s visitation at his Friendswood home., September 9, 2004



Friends Blame Brainwashing For Doctor's Death

Boy, Mother Located; Grandparents Take Custody Of Boy

Friends of a doctor police said was killed by his 10-year-old son two weeks ago told Local 2 his death was the result of a difficult divorce.

Click2Houston, September 10, 2004




Turmoil surrounded boy accused in dad's death. The latest fight concerns what is best for the child

By Peggy O'Hare and Kevin Moran
Deborah Geisler and Dr. Rick Lohstroh had a $350,000 suburban home, successful careers in the medical field and two healthy children.

 But beneath that veneer of domestic perfection was tumult, turmoil and rage, all of which had escalated to soap-opera-like proportions long before their 10-year-old son was accused of shooting Lohstroh numerous times with Geisler's gun Aug. 27. The slaying followed several years of bitter divorce proceedings and child custody battles.
Houston Chronicle, - September 10, 2004



Caretaker Asks For Gag Order In Slain Doctor Case

Grandparents Of Boy Suspected Of Shooting Father Concerned With Increased Publicity

The public may soon hear less about the case of a 10-year-old boy accused of gunning down his father.

  Click2Houston, September 14, 2004



Slain Doctor's Parents Sue Drug Maker, Ex-Wife

Lohstroh's Parents, Friends Say Father Did Not Want Son, 10, On Prozac

HOUSTON --- The parents of a murdered doctor filed a wrongful death lawsuit Wednesday afternoon against their former daughter-in-law and a pharmaceutical company, Local 2 reported.

  Click2Houston, September 22, 2004



Judge Denies Attorney Change For Boy, 10, Charged With Murder

Gag Order Modified

A judge denied a request to change attorneys for a 10-year-old boy charged with murdering his father, Local 2 reported Tuesday.

  Click2Houston, October 12, 2004 



Houston boy allegedly killed his father, but why?
Family was torn long before 10-year-old fired fatal shot in August
By Bruce Nichols

The problems of a 10-year-old boy, a child of bitterly divorced parents, didn't get much notice until he allegedly shot his father. Now, he's in custody facing a murder charge and, if convicted as a juvenile, could spend most of his life in prison., November 1, 2004








Custody Disputes Fueling "Parental Alienation Syndrome"
By Richard A. Gardner



Making a parent dangerous. PAS in Sweden and Norway
By Lena Hellblom Sjögren



New warning label ordered for antidepressants
Children and teens at increased risk for suicide, says FDA

The Associated Press



All Antidepressants Must Now Carry Suicide Warning Labels 

The Associated Press


Medicating school children I

By Joar Tranøy



Medicating of schoolchildren II

By Joar Tranøy



The Drugging of our children

By Gary Null



Connecticut approves Ritalin Law

By Mathew Daly




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