The Lynnae and Emily Lake Case

The Lynnae Lake Case
Presented by Will Gaston, Oregon, USA



Will Gaston is the founder of the web site "A Voice for Children" that he and his now deceased wife, Pamela Gaston started 1999. He is also the host of "A Voice for Children Radio Show" which started earlier this year.

This case was sent by e-mail to the Board of the NCHR on August 14, 2005.



LynnaeLake, Family Rights Activist from Michigan and co-host for "A Voice for Children Radio Show", was arrested at the home of Roger Weidner, a long time defender of family rights. When Roger attempted to discover why police surrounded his house and that of his 95 year old mother he was told "you know why we are here - where are they". He said he had no idea what they were talking about and where was their warrant. Roger was told they didn't need a warrant. Roger was immediately arrested and thrown into the back of a police car - one of 7.


12 police officers of the Portland Police stormed into the house terrorizing his 95 year old mother as she took a bath.


No names were called out nor did they attempt to identify who they were searching for. This search went on for about an hour.


Lynnae and her 9 year old daughter were in the basement calling individuals to say that the police had broken into Roger's house and had arrested Roger for unknown reasons and were pounding all over upstairs on both levels. Lynnae and her daughter were told to secure themselves as safely as possible while attempts were going to be made to see what was going on.


The police spent many long minutes banging around and just saying "come out we know you are here". Finally they headed for the basement calling they were bringing attack dogs and "they" would be bitten. Frightened beyond belief and in complete fear for their lives Emily and her mom prayed for relief from this unknown attack from without. The dog was heard snarling and growling and the police saying "get 'em get 'em" and "down down" apparently to the snarling animal. The police also said tasers were going to be used. Again total terror reigned as the mom and Emily cried and prayed for this nightmare to end.


A door was kicked in and all kinds of shouting occurred on the part of the police. They then sprayed pepper spray. Emily was completely without the ability to breathe and was instantly throwing up. Her mother tried to rinse her pushing her under a shower and trying to get her to breathe. The police turned off the water and the mom turned it back on  and the shower was again turned on and off over and over. The Mom cried out "for heaven's sake she is just a child!!!" And they were pepper sprayed again with Emily once again getting the worst of it.


Mom was thrown and tackled on the basements steps by several officers while Emily was ripped from her arms. Emily was choking and screaming "don't hurt my mom" and "I want my mom" while other officers held her.


Lynnae was handcuffed and hauled up the stairs and thrown on the floor of the breakfast nook. The police themselves were all choking, gagging and coughing. Emily was removed screaming from the house. The police said to her "it is ok you can trust us we are the police". Emily said "you are the police I DON'T trust you" and the officers said "oh good parent to teach your child that".

This picture was taken on one of our trips - this one to SilverFalls.


Emily was forced to watch her mom being hauled out to a police car and driven away, Roger Weidner, whom she also trusted, was also in a police car. She called out "I love you" to her mom and her mom called back "I love you too don't forget the phone" and then was gone.


Roger was around that time released from the car. Emily was taken away in a police car. At no time was a DHS/CPS worker seen to protect the safety of this little girl - but hey isn't that the police's job too?


Emily was allowed to make a phone call out several hours later to Nancy Luckhurst of the Foundation for Children's Rights in MI and the caseworker promised both of them that Emily would be allowed to call again. Emily has not been heard from since.


In jail the mother was severely beaten and threatened several times. At no time were charges expressed against her or was she given her rights. She on the other hand demanded by what authority had kidnapped her and her child and arrested them all on assault and battery, kidnapping and unlawful endangerment of individuals particularly a minor child. She repeatedly demanded the inmate manual and complaint forms. She demanded the whereabouts of her daughter and for someone to check on Mrs. Weidner as she believed that Roger too had been arrested.


One police officer (one of two that were pulling her hair while at least three others held her and she was double shackled) screamed "how would you like me to rip your fucking hair out of your scalp?" Plucky woman that she is she replied just as loudly "DO IT" and they did.


About 24 hours later now charges were supposed to be against Lynnae for custodial interference but the charges never matured. An arraignment was to be held. Surprisingly this arraignment was at the same time as a "secret" "shelter hearing held in another court was going on for Emily. No notice of this "shelter" hearing for Emily was given to Lynnae.


This family is well known and loved here in Oregon and by me personally. Many supporters rallied on such short notice and different groups went to the different courts.


No arraignment happened for Lynnae - no charges were brought and she was told she would be released in a couple of hours. I was at that court. Because of no charges or arraignment of Lynnae I was able to head over to the "shelter" hearing with a group of outraged citizens.


Lynnae found out through a phone call she was allowed to make to Nancy Luckhurst back in MI that there was a hearing for Emily happening at the same time. She demanded to the "court officers" of the jail her right to be at this hearing and the fact she had not been served notice. She was basically told too bad.


Several hours went by and release did not come. 2 officers said "we have good news and bad news you have no charges but now you have a fugitive warrant from MI and we can't let you out". Lynnae calmly said ok and called Nancy once again to say she was now not going to be released.


Not one professional including the attorney appointed for Lynnae - a Lissa Kaufman - even mentioned the fact the mother was not served notice of the "shelter" hearing and that this hearing should be postponed until such time as she could attend. The Gallery held at least 12 supporters of this family including myself, Roger Weidner, Susan Detlefsen of Motherinterrupted TV show, a DHS worker who had been on Susan's show stating the corruption of the system, and Larry Jackson a prominent business and newspaper man. Many stood on the authority of AMICUS CUREA (Friend of the Court) to protest the hearing, the fact the mother was not present, Emily was not present among other things.


Judge Waller allowed the supporters to speak and said she could not move forward with anything as there were no charges pending against Lynnae and they only had a pick up order from MI but did not have the paperwork so had no authority to proceed. After much discussion about scheduling the next hearing was set for Wed 8/17 at 1 PM.


Fri 8/12 sometime in the afternoon Lynnae was set free. She found Mrs. Weidner (95 years old) still traumatized by the events of 3 days prior. She kept crying and praying for Emily and asking how could the police take a child who is calling and crying for her mother. She went to her knees a few times to pray for Emily. She kept saying "Emily, my princess, what can be happening to her. Why would they take her from her mother that loves her so. I used to work for child abuse services there is no abuse of that little girl they love each other very much". This has also been captured on video and will be presented to the judge.


At about 4:15 pm after several calls to the Lissa Kaufman's office where she was told Ms Kaufman was unavailable until Monday she did get a chance to speak to the legal assistant. She was told very little was known and could she (the assistant) call back and set an appointment for Monday morning at 11:30 to meet with Kaufman. She was however given JD Devros the caseworker/supervisor's number to call about Emily.


At 5:05 PM the legal assistant called back asking if Lynnae had been able to reach Devros (which was a no) and said she had been on the phone with him herself. At this time Lynnae was informed of the case #, that Kaufman had requested parenting time with Emily prior to a next hearing, that Devros had been given the contact information and was going to set up that and talk to her (HAS NOT HAPPENED) and that the new shelter hearing had been ADVANCED TO MONDAY 8/15 1PM. She said this was done without finding out if any attorney was available. She said there would be no time to with Kaufman except possibly a half hour prior to the hearing. Also Lynnae was informed at that time that following Monday's hearing Emily WOULD BE SENT BACK TO MI.


Of course Lynnae protested all of this information and again protested the fact she had not been served notice. She was told she would be served at court.


Now this is AFTER 5 PM and on a FRIDAY where no state offices or courts are open.


Lynnae did call Devros and left a lengthy message. She also found the email address for Devros and has sent emails to him also - again with no response.


Susan Detleftsen provided Judge Waller's email and the Judge has been receiving email also. The Portland Mayor and former Police Chief Tom Potter has also been hearing about this along with many thousands of individuals, activists, news media and legislators across the nation and the world. The White House has been contacted.


All individuals including legislators back in MI are livid about what has taken place here in our "fair" state to "protect" the mental, emotional and physical safety of children and specifically this little tiny child.


I, Pamela Gaston's husband, president and founder at a Voice for Children, founding member of 5th Amendment Coalition, Founding member of AFRA (American Family Rights Association) founding of OFRA (Oregon Family Rights Association) and ranking officer in Gideon's Army am OUTRAGED.


We are calling for an all out press of people to attend this phony unlawful hearing and once again observe the fraud on the court and the outright corruption and conspiracy that holds us ALL in its evil clutches.


Pray for this family - let your voices be heard in hitting "reply all" and add your VOICES in getting this poor little girl FREE and back in the arms of her loving but devastated parent. You will be reaching the Judge and the caseworker on this case.

With God's Blessing


Bro Will

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