The Russian Refugee Case


The Russian Refugee Case
Documentary journalist Natalia Petrova and her family were beaten roughly in Kazan in September 2007. In 2008 Natalia Petrova and her twin daughters were granted refugee status by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, and she chose to resettle - in Sweden. On December 16, 2010, Natalia Petrova's twin daughters were removed from their school by social workers and police and placed in a secret foster home. Since then the mother and her twin daughters have been denied all contact with each other.
This is not the first time that refugee children have been removed from their loving, caring parents and placed in Swedish fosterhomes.
Articles published in Russian and other media
2007-11-21 - -




Masha and Nelly


Social services snatch 2 girls from music class. 'Psychological' issues claimed while mother levels child trafficking accusation
By Bob Unruh

Social-services workers in Sweden without warning have taken two children from their mother in a move described by an analyst as legal even if there is no evidence of problems, and an expert on international law suspects that foster families in that nation are getting rich on such placements.
WorldNetDaily, - February 02, 2011

 Kidnapped by Govt: Mom slams system for snatching twins
Human rights activists are accusing Swedish authorities of separating innocent families for monetary gains. They say children are being put into foster care without evidence of any wrongdoing at home. And as RT's Anissa Naouai reports, Swedish law does little to help the parents get their loved ones back.

YouTube - Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011



Stolen by Swedish social services: Russian mother slams authorities for taking twins
It has been over a month since Natalya, a Russian citizen living in Sweden, has seen her twin girls Masha and Nelly.


“My children are in someone else’s hands…they were stolen…I don’t know what’s happening with them or how they’re being treated,” says their mother Natalya Petrova.

Russia Today News Editorial, - 01 February, 2011


You won’t write anymore…
By Alexandra Kondrasheva

Documentary journalist Natalia Petrova and her family were beaten roughly in Kazan in September 2007. A reservation must be made that this incident has been ascribed with many “truths”. Well, on the whole  there are two  truths: the one by the victim who presents references from traumatology centers and the truth by law enforcement bodies proved by evidence by supporters of the police model of the state, the model where a representative of the law enforcement agency has the right to maim a person just for the hell of it because this person was announced from above to be disloyal. And after that the person is charged with deforcement and has the criminal case started against oneself as it happened to Petrova. Novaya Gazeta has attempted to see into this case.


Novaya Gazeta, - 21-11-2007


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