The Vicky Haigh Case

The Vicky Haigh Case

How high-handed, power-hungry social workers and the family courts, working in tandem, harass a heavily pregnant, fully normal mother

A series of articles by Christopher Booker, published in the Telegraph 16 April 2011 --



VIcki Haigh is well known and respected in the world of horse racing




The police hunt is on for Vicky Haigh, though she is not a 'missing person'

By Christopher Booker

Former jockey and trainer Vicky Haigh was surprised to discover that she had been declared a 'missing person' by 'her' social worker, writes Christopher Booker.

The Telegraph, - 07 May 2011



Vicky Haigh flees the babysnatchers

By Christopher Booker

Using parliamentary privilege, John Hemming MP has named renowned jockey and trainer Vicky Haigh as the woman threatened with imprisonment for speaking to him.

The Telegraph, - 30 Apr 2011



A mother is threatened with imprisonment for talking to her MP.
By Christopher Booker

The high-handed power of social workers and the courts, working in tandem, threatens even the privileges of Parliament

Last week a heavily pregnant woman, whose name is known to millions but whom I am forbidden by law to identify, was summoned to the High Court at very short notice to show why she should not be imprisoned. The charges against her, brought by a local authority I cannot name, were that she might or might not have been in breach of a court order restraining her freedom to speak about a matter which, again, I am prohibited from identifying.

The Telegraph, - 16 April 2011




Public Support - "Vicky Haigh requesting her daughter to return (…)"
A list of organisations and other valuable information including the petition "The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted NOW"

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