The Victoria Case



The Victoria Climbié Case

A series of articles on the ill-treatment and murder of Victoria Climbié, published by The BBC and The Guardian




Victoria had 128 injuries on her body when she died



Victoria Climbié aged 8



Climbie inquiry attacks watchdog
Monday, 6 January, 2003 - LATEST NEWS


The inquiry into the murder of abuse victim Victoria Climbie accuses a government watchdog of hampering its investigation.

Climbie inquiry calls key witnesses

Social worker 'obstructed' Climbie inquiry

New Climbie hearing over 'missing report'

Chances missed to save Victoria



Churches a 'danger to children'
A leading Christian child protection service warns churches can be dangerous places for children, in a report to go before the Climbie inquiry.

Child protection 'must be colour-blind'

Climbie inquiry moves to second phase

Climbie parents consider legal action

Accusations fly at Climbie inquiry

Officers in Climbie case 'scapegoats'

Climbie parents' anger at 'missing files'

Council blunder halts Climbie inquiry

Could Victoria have been saved?

Climbie murder 'will not be the last'

Timeline: Victoria Climbie


JANUARY the_victoria_case

Climbie killer says sorry
One of Victoria Climbie's killers apologises to her parents for the "sickening" way in which he and his girlfriend tortured and murdered her.

Climbie official had 'psychotic illness'

NSPCC 'delayed action' over Climbie

Climbie council 'left children at risk'

Climbie parents reject apology

Climbie inquiry witness attacked

Turbulent day at Climbié inquiry

Climbie killer disrupts inquiry



Climbie council 'diverted care millions'
The inquiry into the death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie hears that her local council spent too little on protecting vulnerable children.

Climbie council accused of 'concealment'

Climbie worker faces trial

Council boss apologises to Climbie inquiry

Manager denies destroying Climbie paper

Pastor prayed for 'possessed' Victoria

Climbie official faces prosecution



Social worker admits mistakes
The social worker responsible for abuse victim Victoria Climbie says she now realises she made "appalling" mistakes.

Climbie killers must give evidence

Climbie officer 'feared scabies'




Inquiry told of care 'deficiencies'
The council at the centre of the Victoria Climbie tragedy provided a potentially unsafe standard of care for vulnerable children, an inquiry is told.

Climbie doctor diagnosed scabies

Climbie social worker admits 'shortcoming'

Cleric said Climbie was 'possessed'

Alarm raised over Victoria's plight

Victoria's relative 'warned social services'


SEPTEMBER the_victoria_case

Driver found Victoria lifeless
The ambulance driver who took Victoria Climbie to hospital found her so cold she seemed dead, an inquiry hears.

Father's tears over Climbie photo

Sombre mood at Climbie inquiry

Climbie case is 'turning point'

Climbie inquiry could call killers

Climbie inquiry to probe agencies




Anna carers guilty of murder
The guardians of an eight-year-old girl who died after "truly unimaginable" abuse are convicted of murder and jailed for life.

Inquiry into officials who failed Anna

Anna's life of horror

Girl, 8, 'tortured' to death

Girl died after scabies scared off police



The Guardian

28.01.2003: Scathing criticism for manager's neglect

27.01.2003: Guide: the Climbié inquiry phase two
09.07.2002: Climbié inquiry recalled to hear 'important' new evidence

15.03.2002: Analysis: the implications for social care
15.03.2002: Analysis: the implications for housing
15.03.2002: Analysis: the implications for charities
25.03.2002: Analysis: political correctness or poor practice?
21.02.2002: Timeline: the Climbié inquiry phase one
20.02.2002: Climbiés may sue care staff over death of Victoria
20.02.2002: Mary Marsh: Learning the lessons of failure
20.02.2002: Missed chances cost Victoria Climbié her life
19.02.2002: 'Inquiry is unfair' asserts blamed council
19.02.2002: Social worker claims she has been made a scapegoat
19.02.2002: Victoria's parents attack child protection services
18.02.2002: Met: no excuse for Climbié errors
18.02.2002: NSPCC 'sorry' for Climbié failings
18.02.2002: Social work manager deflects blame
04.02.2002: Key figures in the Climbié case
22.01.2002: Guide: the Climbié inquiry phase two
21.01.2002: Comment: sensationalism will obscure the point of the inquiry
16.01.2002: Comment: blame culture in child protection
12.01.2002: Comment: this shameful buck-passing
15.01.2002: Analysis: amnesia strikes Climbié social work manager
09.01.2002: Analysis: no light shed on failings in Victoria's case
09.01.2002: Killer shows no remorse at Climbié inquiry
20.12.2001: Politcial correctness 'puts children at risk'
19.12.2001: Singh washes his hands of blame
13.12.2001: Fears of Climbié inquiry 'injustice'
16.11.2001: 'Hundreds of Climbié cases waiting to happen'
12.11.2001: Risk of abuse in private fostering arrangements
11.10.2001: Chairman demands urgent investigation into chaotic council
28.09.2001: Councils underspent for children's services, Climbié inquiry told
24.09.2001: Timeline: the lead up to the Climbié inquiry

09.05.2001: Head of inquiry's target is to prevent child abuse tragedies

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The Climbié inquiry

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