Youngsters tortured 55-year old to death

Youngsters tortured 55-year-old to death. They filmed when disabled man begged for his life

By Olle Castelius

Translation: Ruby Harrold-Claesson, lawyer





The original article, "Pojkarna torterade 55-åring till döds: De filmade när handikappad bad för sitt liv", was previously published in Aftonbladet and on October 10, 2007.

It has been translated for the world to see.





16-year-olds tortured, physically disabled man with baseball bats.
Then they went home to have dinner.

"Please let me live", said the bleeding man when they came back.

But the boys continued to ill-treat the 55-year old - and filmed his death with the camera in their cell phone.

Yesterday, the two young suspects accused for the murder of the 55-year-old disabled man in Upplands Väsby on Monday June 19, reported SVT's the ABC's editorial. A third boy, 15 years, was indicted for grievous bodily harm.


Baseball bats
On three different occasions, the boys entered into the man's apartment to ill-treat him with a baseball bat and brass knuckle-dusters. The first time in the afternoon, the second time in the evening after eating dinner.
During the night, they chatted online - and decided to return a third time. Then, when the man was actually dying, they cut him several times with a knife and poured salt in his wounds.
Sergeant Lars Inge Franksson says he has never before experienced anything like it.


Cell phone camera
The ill-treatment is terribly serious", he said.
The young people filmed themselves and the dying man with a cell phone camera while they were beating him.
"They performed in front of the camera, they turned towards the camera and made nazi salutes", says Lars Inge Franksson.
The victim's brother said he is looking forward to the court trial of the three boys.
"My brother had just defeated his cancer. He had also just learned to walk again after having suffered a stroke", he said.


Nazi material
The boys that are suspected of murder are active in the National Front, ABC reported. The police have confiscated their computers, which contain quantities of Nazi material.
"We have also found what appears to be authentic films on ill-treatment and even executions. It seems that the boys have been influenced by this", Lars Inge Franksson said.



Pojkarna torterade 55-åring till döds: De filmade när handikappad bad för sitt liv
Av Olle Castelius

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