Youth violence in Sweden: The Riccardo Campogiani Case

Youth violence in Sweden

The Riccardo Campogiani Case

On October 6, 2007, a 16-year-old boy in Stockholm, Riccardo Campogiani, was beaten and kicked to death by other youngsters, also called the "Rich Kid-hooligans". Four teenagers have been prosecuted and sentenced for the crime.
A series of articles in The Local, October 13, 2007 - May 6, 2008


Lighter sentences for Campogiani killers

Three teenagers convicted of killing 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani in Stockholm last autumn have had their sentences reduced by the Court of Appeal.

TT/The Local - 6 May 2008


Campogiani witness: 'I’ve lied about everything'

A 16-year-old boy stunned the Stockholm Court of Appeals on Tuesday when he confessed to lying to police and in court about what he saw of the fatal beating of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani last October.

TT/The Local - 15 Apr 2008


Court: Campogiani trial open to public

The trial of those accused in the death of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani will be open to the public.

TT/The Local - 3 March 2008


Campogiani's grave desecrated

Police have launched an investigation into the desecration of the grave of a 16-year-old boy who was beaten to death after a party in Stockholm last year.

TT/The Local - 14 Feb 2008


Convicted teens released from custody

Two teenagers found guilty of involvement in the death of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani were released from custody on Monday after facing new charges of assault and illegal threats.

TT/The Local - 14 Jan 2008


Convicted teens return to court on fresh assault charges

Two teenagers found guilty last week of involvement in the death of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani will be back in Stockholm District Court on Monday, to face new charges of assault and illegal threats.

TT/The Local - 14 Jan 2008


Convicted teens back in custody

Two teenage boys involved in the events that led to the death of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani have been taken back in to custody following a fresh assault.

TT/The Local - 12 Jan 2008


Three convicted over teen killing

Defence lawyer Björn Sandin comments after three teenagers are convicted of the manslaughter of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani.

TT/The Local - 7 Jan 2008


King's speech dwells on the positive

King Carl XVI Gustaf's traditional Christmas radio broadcast dwelled on the positive expressing hope for a better world.

TT/The Local - 26 Dec 2007


Prosecutor pushes for maximum terms

The boys responsible for the death of Riccardo Campogiani should face the maximum punishment possible for juvenile offenders, the public prosecutor has argued.

TT/The Local - 17 Dec 2007


High-profile teen murder trial begins

Friday saw the beginning of a court case for a murder that shocked Sweden.

TT/The Local - 7 Dec 2007


Four charged with murder over teen beating

Four 16-year-old boys have been charged with murder over the beating of Riccardo Campogiani in Stockholm in October.

TT/The Local - 30 Nov 2007


Sweden comes to terms with huge youth demo

Sweden was coming to terms Saturday with one of the largest demonstrations the country has ever seen – against growing binge drinking and violence among Swedish youth.

TT/The Local - 13 Oct 2007




The "Rich Kid-hooligans"


Youth violence in Sweden: The Rödeby shooting case

Youngsters tortured 55-year-old to death. They filmed when disabled man begged for his life

By Olle Castelius

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