Merry Christmas & Better New Year 2019

Nordic Committee for Human Rights
wishes all
Merry Christmas & Better New Year 2019


In today's world.....What if?


We, in the NCHR, deeply regret the suffering caused to all the children who
have been taken into care on arbitrary grounds and placed in foster homes
or institutions. We also extend our sympathy to their parents and relatives.

Christmas time is Family time.

However, during the Christmas season, the social services in the Nordic
countries almost systematically refuse contact between the children in
compulsory care and their families.

Sincere Christmas Greetings
and wishing
Respect for Family Rights 2019

The Steering Committee




God Jul & Bättre Nytt År 2019


Joyeux Noël & Meilleure Année 2019


Infant discovered in barn, Child Protective Services launch probe


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