Appeal to the Government of India to protect Indian child in Norway

Appeal to the Government of India to protect Indian child in Norway



This Appeal from the NKMR/NCHR was sent on December 27, 2016, to Her Excellency, Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Minister for External Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, requesting her government's intervention to protect an Indian citizen child from Norwegian Barnevernet (CPS). 

Your Excellency, Dear Madam,

On behalf of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NKMR/NCHR - For the Protection of Family Rights in the Nordic countries, I, the undersigned, Ruby Harrold-Claesson, lawyer, am appealing to Your Excellency to intervene for the protection of the five year old boy, the only child of Anil Kumar and Gurvinderjit Kaur, who was removed by agents of Barnevernet, Norway, from his pre-school, where his parents had left him in total confidence for his safety. The NCHR has been informed that the five year old was taken by Barnevernet and placed in a Norwegian foster home, far away from his parents and loved ones.
Similar gross Human Rights violations against children and their parents take place daily, not only in Norway but also in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The removal of children from their loving, caring, competent families by the agents of barnevernet / the social services and placing them in foster care to live among total strangers, so-called CPS cases, stands out as an atrocity in our time - an atrocity that has several times been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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Open letter to Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT)

Sent 09/25/2014


Our letter is to The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) that is the anti-torture committee of the Council of Europe.

Right now the Committee is visiting in Finland.
Lokakuun Liike (October Movement) is a human rights organization aiming to raise public awareness and discussion about human rights and their violations in family politics, foster and mental care and other forms of institutional care.

Finland has very high rates of children placed into foster care and a many ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) verdicts of human rights violations in child welfare services.

Foster care children and their families constantly report us of violations of human rights in foster care, which has no proper surveillance or governmental control in Finland. ?

Lire la suite : Open letter to Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) 

NKMR:s brev till Nigerias Ambassadör

Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR

For the protection of Family Rights in the Nordic countries

Pres. Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Lawyer, Box 8077, S-424 12 OLOFSTORP, Sweden.

Tel. (+) 46 - 31 - 70 20 385, Fax (+) 46 - 31 - 70 25 242, 855102-0053

Postgiro 444 88 81 -5




Embassy of Nigeria

His Excellency the Ambassador

Tyrg. 8

Box 628

101 32 Stockholm

March 12, 2002.


Concerns: Appeal for Mercy


Your Excellency.

Dear Sir or Madam,


I, the undersigned Ruby Harrold-Claesson, attorney-at-law in Gothenburg, Sweden, president of the Nordic Committee for Human Rights - NCHR - For the protection of Family Rights in the Nordic countries, have been approached concerning the fate of Safya Husseini Tungar-Tudu, a young mother of an "illegitimate" child, who according to the information I have received, is facing a death sentence because she had a child out of wedlock.


This causes great concern for the members of the steering committee of the NCHR.


I would like to inform you that the world famous writer of children's books, Mrs Astrid Lindgren, also gave birth to a son out of wedlock. Had she been put to death for the "crime" of giving birth to an illegitimate child, the world would be a poorer one for us and all the children of the world.


On behalf of the NCHR, I am therefore writing to you to request you to petition the President of the Republic of Nigeria to grant pardon and save the life of Safya Husseini Tungar-Tudu.


Save the mother's life - for the sake of the child and for the sake of your country. Thanking you in advance.


Very truly yours



Ruby Harrold-Claesson


President of the NCHR


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