Petition nr 2434/2014 - Hearing in European Parliament, PETI Committee

The Petition No. 2434/2014 has been scheduled to be heard at the meeting of the Committee on Petitions which will take place on 19.04.2016 in Brussels. 
The presentation will be heard at around 9:30 AM.

A delegation of signataries will defend our Petition at the hearing in the PETI Committee.

We are pleased to invite you to follow the Committee proceedings as a webcast via European Parliament streaming over the following link:, either live, or deferred as of the following day

Please see the Communication to Members of the PETI, from the European Commission regarding our petition.

pdfEuropean Parliament - Petition No. 2434-2014 - Commission statement

pdf Memorial - Petition No. 2434/2014

pdfEuropean Court of Justice Judgment Case C-435/06

pdfPETI Agenda 18-19 April 2016-final

pdfPresentation - PETI - Brussels - 2016-04-19

pptPETI - Brussels - 19 April 2016

For more information, please see:

Petition nr 2434/2014 - Admissible


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